YouTube Tv: Hits More than 5 Million Subscribers | Cost and Channels of YouTube Tv

YouTube Tv

Pocket-lint: One of the most well-known live TV streaming services in the United States is owned by Alphabet (previously Google). YouTube has released a TV service, and it goes by the name YouTube TV.

It is compatible with many different devices, allows you to watch cable and sports channels, has features like digital video recording and account sharing, and more. It even has its own shows that aren’t reruns.

Here is the lowdown on how much it will set you back and whether or not it will be worth the investment.

How Does YouTube TV Work?

Stream current TV shows and movies instantly with YouTube TV. More than eighty-five national and regional sports networks are available in real-time.

As an added bonus, you may record an unlimited amount of shows on your DVR, add up to five other people for the same fee, and watch on any device you prefer (like your phone, tablet, computer, or TV) You may watch YouTube Originals and popular videos from the platform on YouTube TV.

It competes for head-on with services like Sling TV and Hulu Plus, which offer live television streaming.

How Much Does YouTube TV Cost?

Access to YouTube TV requires a paid subscription. The monthly fee for the Base Plan is $64.99 (+ tax). In exchange, you can watch shows made by popular YouTube artists alongside programming from major broadcast networks, cable networks, and premium networks.

In this way, you can watch regional sports broadcasts from major networks like CBS and FOX. Free limitless cloud DVR storage space is included in the base plan, and the plan supports up to six user profiles.

For the installation, there will be “no hidden fees, equipment rentals, or scheduled appointments,” as claimed by Alphabet. Not only is there no contract to sign, but you can stop at any moment.

Sports and premium networks are available for an extra monthly fee. Fox Soccer Plus, Showtime, and Starz are just a few of the channels that can be accessed, and for a little fee, you can also gain access to other services like the “4K Plus” add-on.

YouTube Tv

According to Alphabet, 4K Plus features a higher quality video on all available material, the ability to watch recordings offline, and unlimited home streaming usage.

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Do You Subscribe To YouTube Premium?

Unlike a YouTube Premium subscription, which removes advertisements from YouTube videos, YouTube TV allows you to watch live TV from networks including CBS, FOX, NBC, HGTV, TNT, and more.

For those who pay for both YouTube Premium and YouTube TV, the latter provides an ad-free experience when watching YouTube videos. However, commercials will still be a part of both live and recorded TV.

When Do You Subscribe to YouTube TV, Which Channels Do You Get?

Enter your zip code at to find out what channels are available in your area.

Need Your Sports to Fix?

There is no need for alarm. Get Sports Plus and enjoy game day from the comfort of your couch with access to NFL RedZone and more than ten sports networks in a single add-on.

Is YouTube TV Compatible with My Device?

You may watch YouTube TV on your computer, smart TV, streaming media player, mobile device, or even a gaming console!
If you want to see a complete list of compatible gadgets, click here.

Mobile Device

Devices running Android L and later
Mobile gadgets with iOS 12 or later
It’s worth noting that you can get the YouTube TV app by Googling “YouTube TV” in your device’s app store.


Visit to view it online immediately.

If you want to view YouTube TV on the web, make sure you have the newest version of Chrome or Firefox.


Enjoy on your high-tech television set or on the go with a streaming device or video game system.
Take note: Get the YouTube TV app by searching “YouTube TV” in your device’s app store.

Some Amazon Fire TV devices, Roku players and televisions, Apple TV, Vizio SmartCast televisions, Samsung and LG smart televisions, HiSense televisions, Xbox One, Google Chromecast, televisions with Chromecast built in such as Android TV, AirPlay for Apple TV, and Google Smart Displays are all compatible.

Does YouTube TV have 4K Resolution?

YouTube Tv

Yes. To your YouTube TV Basic Plan, you may add the 4K Plus tier for a wider selection of high-definition shows and movies. With 4K Plus, you can watch select live and on-demand YouTube TV shows in stunning 4K Ultra HD.

In addition to watching an infinite number of streams at once, you can also use the YouTube TV mobile app on your phone or tablet to watch your recordings when you’re not online.

Keep in mind that only some devices are capable of playing 4K content. Additionally, the 4K Plus upgrade is only accessible for specific live and on-demand programming.

Will There Be Commercial Breaks on YouTube TV?

Several of the included networks do, in fact, feature commercials. While watching live TV, you can’t skip commercials as you can on regular TV.

However, you can fast-forward through an episode to get to the live version if you pause the broadcast beforehand. Note: This Google Support page has further information about advertisements on YouTube TV.

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Where Can You Watch YouTube TV?

The United States now has access to YouTube TV (to over 99.5 percent of households, Alphabet claims). The release date in the United Kingdom and other countries has not been announced.

Getting Started with YouTube TV

In a nutshell: To get started with YouTube TV, simply head to the signup page and hit the “Try it free” button from your web browser.

You Seem Interested, Right?

If you want to see how YouTube TV stacks up against other video streaming services in the United States, check out Pocket-guide. lint’s

5.1 audio is now available on YouTube TV for use with Google TV, Android TV, and Roku players.

Pocket-lint: As of recently, 5.1 surround sound can be heard on YouTube TV more frequently.

Up until recently, surround sound on YouTube TV was limited to select devices including Samsung, LG, and Vizio models. YouTube is now improving its compatibility with Google TV, Android TV, and Roku streaming players.

In order to fully appreciate 5.1 on YouTube, you will need one of these devices plus a speaker system.

YouTube has announced it will support Google TV, Android TV, and Roku devices, and it is also planning to make its content compatible with other devices in the near future.

That group of gadgets includes not just game consoles, but also Apple TV and Fire TV. If you’ve been holding your breath for the day that your preferred device supports surround sound audio, you may not have much longer to wait.

According to YouTube, 5.1 surround sound is simple to achieve:

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