What3words App: What Exactly Is What3words? how Do I Use This App Location?

Headings on the left-hand side of our pages are often found on properties that we own or have recently visited. At first, you might have been perplexed.

Is it possible that you scrolled past this without realizing it? Expect your life to be transformed by this incredible piece of technology.

A website called what3words can be accessed by clicking the heading.

We’re about to give you an in-depth explanation of what it is and how it can benefit you, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Warning: You may not remember that Google Maps even existed at all.

Continue reading to learn more…

How Do I Find out What3 Words Are?

Ever had a difficult time trying to locate the main door of an establishment you needed to enter? Or perhaps you’ve experienced the frustration of being unable to locate your friends at a festival? In that case, what3words may be able to help.

Each 3-meter square has its own unique combination of three words: a three-word location

As we did when we first heard about it, you may be wondering what the point is (especially if you already have a maps tool on your phone)? Initially, it may seem pointless, but hold on a second…

You can pinpoint the exact entrance you need with what3words addresses, which are more precise than street addresses.

For example, a postcode is for the entire street, whereas building numbers are specific to a single property. Nonetheless, with what3words, you’ll know exactly where you should be at the time you need it most.

Simply put, no matter where you want to go, what3words can direct you to the exact location you need to be in the world.

What3words App

When you arrive in a new location at night, it’s safer to use this method because it is more reliable. In the event that you ever need to call the emergency services, just say your three words and they’ll know where to find you.

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There are 50 different languages available, and the free app works offline, so you don’t have to worry about data roaming fees when you’re traveling.

More isn’t possible.

What is the location of the source? It’s simple… It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Check out their YouTube video for a more in-depth explanation of the app.

Why Are What3 Words Important?

As you can see, what3words is a versatile tool that can be put to a variety of different uses in your daily life.

Everything from finding your lost friends on a night out to locating your student housing when you’re a newcomer to the city is possible with the help of a GPS device.

85% of the UK’s emergency services use what3words to pinpoint the location of injured people in rural areas, at events, and in remote areas.

It can be used by couriers and delivery drivers to ensure that their packages are delivered to the correct location. Rather than wasting time and energy trying to locate your package, this saves you a tonne of phone calls.

What3words is also being used by Uber. In other words, if you want an Uber to come to your exact location, all you have to do is say three words: Isn’t this insane?

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Companies like Hermes, Premier Inn, Airbnb, Mercedes-Benz, BT Openreach, and Domino’s use what3words to attract customers.

The delivery of goods and services where they are needed most.

So many more partners and applications are listed here, so take a look at the full list.

What3words App

When You’re Living in Your Student Housing, how Can You Benefit from It?

Being able to pinpoint the exact location of your student housing can be helpful, especially if you’re moving to a new city or country. We can’t really complain about a little less confusion and a lot more safety, can we?

As a starting point, the majority of student housing properties are enormous. Some have a number of distinct buildings, and in some cases, there may even be a student village as a whole.

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You don’t want to have to lug your luggage around because you parked too far away from the correct building, right? It’s a breeze to find the right entrance and avoid long lines thanks to what3words.

We can help you find our property, Canalside if you’re in Birmingham on your way to university.

As soon as you type “bleak.skinny.” and tap “Navigate” in the what3words app search bar, you’ll get directions to the front door. We hope that this information will make the process of parking the car a lot easier for you and your parents.

As a bonus, it’s an excellent tool for directing your new college friends or visiting relatives, who plan to stop by. They’ll be able to quickly locate you, which will give them peace of mind and save them time.

What3words is a lifesaver when it comes to those adult responsibilities you’d rather avoid. For example, you won’t be wandering around in circles as a result of using this app.

Is it safe to travel at night? It’s reassuring to know that you won’t get lost trying to find your student housing if you use what3words.

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