Walksafe App: Get the Best App for Android/IOS in Canada/u.S [2022]-Review

Walksafe App

The Walksafe app is a smartphone-specific Android and iOS software. If you’re walking along the street and using your cell phone, you’re putting yourself and others in danger.

The primary goal of the Walksafe app was to improve the safety of pedestrians who use mobile phones to communicate.

The Walksafe app uses the phone’s back camera to detect potential traffic hazards.

When a walker encounters a dangerous circumstance, the app will notify them. To determine which cars are in front and behind you, the app makes use of machine learning and image recognition technologies.

The app vibrates a lot to let the walker know something is wrong.

The nicest feature of the app is that it is completely free to use and there are no hidden fees. Twice a week, the app updates its users with pertinent data on traffic and crime.

Can You Tell Me How To Use the Walksafe App Properly?

Walksafe is powered by Android’s four smart features.

the capture of an image
Processing images
Vehicle recognition

Walksafe App

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What’s the Deal?

The programme must be downloaded by the user.
A camera, microphone, and current location are all requested by the app.

Once the permissions have been granted, the programme can be used.
Only when the user makes or receives a phone call does the app come to life.

Once the app is engaged, it maintains an eye on the road for your convenience. However, as the app only uses your back camera, it can only keep an eye out in one direction.

As a result, it works well on one-way streets; however, users crossing a two-way street will have to keep an eye out for traffic on the other side.

As soon as a car is discovered, users are warned.
The app is able to detect vehicles at a distance of 50 meters and a speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

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Features that Make Walking Easier

The Walksafe app has a slew of features built in. They do,

Tap Safe

If you ever have any doubts about your safety while walking back home, download the app and call for help.

It wouldn’t take long for your loved ones to learn exactly where you are. As a result, you may be confident that they will find you if the need arises.

Keeping Your Family Safe in Your Own Backyard

If you don’t arrive home by a specified time, your loved ones will be alerted.

The software makes it easy to specify a specific time and location for a meeting, as well as to keep loved ones informed.

The app’s check-in feature
Use the app to set up a reminder for family members to come to check on you at a specific time and location.

A Walking Route that Is Both Safe and Convenient

The Walksafe community provides information on risky zones, such as regions where knife assaults, sexual assaults, and muggings have been recorded frequently.

Walksafe App:

Live Updates Can Be Found Here.

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You can get real-time updates from any of the previously described functionalities.

You may access all of the information you need in one location.

In What Way Can I Get the Walksafe App?

Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
Search for the Walksafe app using the search bar.

The app can be installed by clicking the “Install” button.
Run the programme after it’s been downloaded.

It only takes a few minutes to get your app up and running.


What’s the greatest app for people who want to go for a jog or a walk?

There are a lot of apps out there for people who want to walk.

The Walksafe app, on the other hand, is the only one that offers the same level of security. More information can be found here.

My Walk on a Map
A. Fitbit B. Walkingmeter C.

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