Valentines Day Scams: Beware of Scammers Preying on You Through Online Dating

Valentines Day Scams

Love and being loved are two of life’s greatest pleasures, right? While there are numerous dating apps available to singles today, caution should be exercised when using them to find a romantic companion.

Since there have been a lot of scams recently. We don’t want you to completely avoid using these applications, but we do want you to be on the lookout for romantic frauds. To that end, we’ve put together this list of the best advice we could come up with.

When It Comes to Internet Dating, How Do You Tell a Fraudster from The Real Deal?

These con artists have been dubbed “death-eyed sharks” by a slew of cyber-security corporations. In that respect, they are unquestionably similar to sharks. Every time they have a chance, they jump at the opportunity to prey on an unsuspecting victim.

So, how can you tell a scammer from a real person? You’ll need to keep your eyes open and your ears open while using dating applications like Tinder. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. The only thing to keep in mind is that you must be careful.

One of the simplest methods to avoid a long-term relationship is to pay attention to what your date is saying while you’re on a dating app with them.

This connection should be put on hold if you discover that he or she is requesting personal information such as your bank account balance, financial information, or money. This is no matter how much you care for the other person.

Valentines Day Scams

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Romance Scams Are a Type of Fraud, but What Exactly Is One?

Many of us are curious as to what really constitutes a romantic scam. FBI records state that if a criminal develops a phoney persona in order to gain the trust and affection of an innocent victim, and then uses this sham connection to commit financial fraud with the victim, it is known as a romance scam.

In the last year alone, about 8,000 romantic frauds were recorded in Texas, which is supposedly one of the most crime-ridden areas in the country.

The con-men or con-women put up traps on romantic dating apps or social media, such as Tinder or Facebook. They are really quick to form a bond with you. In a short period of time, they will gain your confidence.

The con they employed to scam individuals is so natural that you won’t realise what occurred to you until it’s too late. In reality, nothing will happen like that and once they betray you, they will vanish from your life like a phantom limb.

Romance Scam Avoidance Tips for The Day of Love

They’ll try anything to catch your attention and gain your trust, such as bringing you presents like flowers, champagne and chocolates in order to get you interested in them.

You’ll be asked for a great deal of personal information if they’re scammers, but they won’t tell you anything about themselves if they are. Don’t forget to cross-check if anyone else is providing information as well.

It is their goal to leave the dating site or app as soon as possible so that they may get in touch with you via email or text messaging. Keep in mind, though, that until you’re in a committed relationship, don’t give out your phone number, email address, or social media accounts to anyone.

You may feel excited when an online fraudster attempts to plan a meeting with you. That meeting, however, will never take place if the people involved are dishonest, as they will always come up with an excuse at the last minute. Take this as a warning sign if it happens to you.

Furthermore, you should not reveal any personal information, such as bank accounts or earnings, to anyone. You should avoid any online transactions with scammers, even if they tell you a heartfelt story. Regardless of how many times you’ve met the person, do not engage in any transaction or financial aid, as it could be a honey trap for you.

Fbi Advice on How to Tell a Scammer from A Real Person Online

The FBI claims-

Valentines Day Scams

People who post and share their personal information online need to be especially careful about what they do so. Scammers may monitor your activities on social media and dating websites to gather information about your preferences and dislikes, which they can then use to their advantage.

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You should always conduct a thorough online search of the person’s photo and profile to discover if the image, name, or other details have been used somewhere else.

In a relationship, you should not be a slow starter. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to cast as many doubts and inquiries as you can.

When the person you’re talking to constantly asks you to quit a dating website or social media site to speak with them directly, you should be wary of their intentions.

Even if the person requests indecent photos or financial details, you should take it extremely seriously. When it comes to your current relationship, you need to take a step back and reevaluate. As these images are used to extort money from you.

It’s also suspicious if that person offers to meet you personally but continually comes up with an explanation why they can’t even after scheduling multiple times in the past few days or months. You need to use caution here.

The important thing to remember is to never send money to somebody with whom you have simply spoken on the phone or over the internet.

The Ending Thoughts:

On February 14th, Influencers see a spike in sales.

It’s time to talk about “how to spot an online dating fraudster”. If you have any doubts about your relationship with a dating app partner, I hope you now know what to do and what to keep an eye on.

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