Twitter Has Taken Action Against Advertising: Against Misleading Climate Change Advertising

Twitter Has Taken Action Against Advertising:

BERLIN (AP) — A policy similar to the one that is currently in place at Google has been adopted by Twitter, and it states that it will no longer accept advertisers on its site who dispute the scientific consensus on climate change.

The firm issued a statement on Friday clarifying its new policy, and in it, it said that advertisements “shouldn’t detract from vital dialogues about the climate catastrophe.”

There was no indication that the adjustment would have any effect on what users write on the social networking platform, which,

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Twitter Has Taken Action Against Advertising:

along with Facebook, has been targeted by groups aiming to disseminate inaccurate claims about climate change.

The announcement, which coincided with Earth Day, came just a few hours before the European Union reached an agreement on a deal that requires major technology companies to more carefully monitor their websites for harmful content such as hate speech, disinformation, and other potentially damaging material.

Twitter has stated that it will provide additional information in the coming months regarding how it intends to provide “reliable, authoritative context to the climate conversations” that its users engage in.

This context will include information from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Twitter users will be able to access this information.

The papers on the causes and impacts of climate change that were compiled by the science panel that was sponsored by the United Nations provide the basis for international negotiations to prevent climate change.

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Twitter Has Taken Action Against Advertising:

The corporation already has a specific section on its website devoted to the subject of climate change and presented what is referred to as “pre-bunks”

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during the United Nations climate conference that took place the previous year in order to combat the widespread spread of misinformation concerning climate change.

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