TikTok Removes Millions of Videos: TikTok Deletes These Videos for Violations of Its Guidelines

The short-form video app TikTok announced on Wednesday that it had removed nearly 62 million videos from its platform during the first three months of the year for violating its guidelines.

TikTok is attempting to address concerns regarding security and privacy by removing videos that do not adhere to its policies.

The company stated in a report that was published on its website that these videos fell into categories such as

“Adult nudity and sexual activities, harassment and bullying, and hateful behavior,” and that they accounted for less than one percent of the total number of videos that were posted on the platform.

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TikTok Removes Millions of Videos:

TikTok, which is owned by China’s ByteDance, stated that approximately 8.5 million removals originated from the United States.

ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, has announced that its founder Zhang Yiming will step down as CEO.

After coming under criticism for content-related concerns and privacy-related issues, which have also prompted several nations to prohibit the app, the firm began publishing transparency reports in 2019, after it discovered that its platform, which is immensely popular among teens.

TikTok, in an effort to keep existing customers and attract new ones, has been working to improve its safety and privacy measures, and it built a content moderation center in its Los Angeles office a year ago in order to increase its level of openness.

The United States Department of Commerce revoked a list of prohibited transactions with TikTok and WeChat on June 22, 2018.

The list had been released in September when the Trump administration was attempting to prevent new downloads of both Chinese-owned applications in the United States.

The withdrawals came after President Joe Biden, earlier this month, rescinded a series of executive orders issued during the Trump administration that sought to prohibit new downloads of apps owned by Tencent, such as WeChat and TikTok, and ordered a review of the security concerns posed by those apps and others by the Commerce Department.

TikTok Removes Millions of Videos:

WeChat’s use would have been effectively prohibited in the United States if additional transactions were prohibited by the Commerce Department during Trump’s administration.

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Subsequently, the Commerce Department under Trump proposed similar limits that would have prohibited TikTok’s use.

The order that was issued by President Biden instructed the Department of Commerce to monitor software applications such as TikTok that have the potential to affect the national security of the United States and to make recommendations within one hundred and twenty days regarding how to protect US data that has been acquired or is accessible by companies controlled by foreign adversaries.

WeChat, an application that has been downloaded by consumers in the United States at least 19 million times, is widely utilized as a medium for services, games, and payments.

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