Storage Hacks: 15 Superb Hacks You Have to Know!

Storage Hacks

Our tales of stowing away evolve as time passes. One stage of life may necessitate storing a dresser in a closet because there just isn’t enough room in the bedroom for it.

The next step is contemplating whether or not to transfer your pantry items into coordinating modular canisters. Bins, crates, and other convenient storage containers that claim to solve every conceivable storage issue will inevitably become an object of your pursuit and financial investment. But there’s really no reason to do it.

  1. Install Plastic Pant Hangers on The Wall and Use Them to Suspend Chip Bags from The Wire Shelves.

Instead of going out and buying a chip clip, try reusing a clothes hanger from your closet. The bags of chips can be held above the ground, freeing up space on the real shelf for other items.

2. Use the Space Behind the Doors of Your Bathroom Cabinets by Placing Storage Bins There

One can make excellent use of the area behind doors for extra storage. For often used things like a hair straightener or styling products, installing baskets on the insides of bathroom cabinet doors is a great solution.

If you’re renting and don’t want to damage the doors, or if you simply can’t screw anything into them, an over-the-door shelf unit is a great solution.

3. Use a Lazy Susan to Avoid Having Empty Corners in Your Pantry

Storage Hacks

A square of wasted space or an awkward, hard-to-reach arrangement results when objects are lined up near the corners of the pantry. With a lazy Susan, you can turn this dead zone into one of the most convenient parts of your pantry, with all the items displayed facing you at all times.

4. Rolling Plant Stands Can Be Used to Store Small Appliances

Are you sick of stooping down and squinting your way through shelves stacked high with slow cookers, air fryers, and Instant Pots? Putting them on basic, inexpensive rolling plant stands is a clever solution that will make rearranging your small appliance storage space unnecessary.

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5. Keep Board Games in A Closet Hanging Organiser.

Get creative, spend a little money, and use no equipment to build some shelves to house your board game collection. A closet organizer that hangs from the ceiling creates quick shelves, allowing you to keep your board games off the floor and in one convenient location.

6. Use a Silverware Holder as A Jewellery Holder and Hang It from The Wall

In other words, take a good look at the sky. Put some mug hooks on the inside of a drawer organizer, mount it on the wall, and use it to store your necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry pieces.

7. In a Wine Rack, of Course!

Workout gear is cumbersome and difficult to stow away in a compact dwelling. You may store the weights you use with your training videos neatly and discretely in a wine rack, which is the ideal size. Hide them in plain sight among the bottles (or vice versa).

8. Put Christmas Decorations in Egg Cartons

Egg cartons are the ideal size for storing little decorations. Cushioned and separated from one another, the strong box prevents them from being crushed.

The fact that egg cartons may be stacked on top of each other makes this free method of storing holiday decorations even more appealing.

9. Put a Pair of Ikea Shoe Racks to Good Use by Transforming Them Into a Makeshift “linen Closet.”

In need of more towel and bed linen storage space? A low-cost, attractive, and space-saving option for storing and displaying shoes is the IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet. To maximize storage space, try rolling your towels.

10. Wrapping Paper Can Be Neatly Tucked Away in An Ikea Bag Holder until It’s Needed

Storage Hacks

Filing your rolls of wrapping paper in IKEA’s VARIERA keeps them within easy reach, prevents them from toppling over, and can be placed on an otherwise underutilized wall space in your closet, but you could also use an under bed storage bin or lean them up against the wall in a corner of your closet.

11. To Store Baking Sheets Vertically, Use Tension Rods.

Cookware should never be stacked. In order to see what you have and grab it without having to unstack everything on top of it, you may store baking sheets, muffin pans, and platters vertically by using tension rods to create slots in your kitchen cabinets.

12. Toss Off Those Cookie Tins and Use Them as (very) Old-Fashioned Sewing Boxes

Sign up with the thousands of families that recall a relative keeping their sewing supplies in a cookie tin. If you ever felt guilty about tossing the tin once the cookies were gone, you were probably right.

This strong and conveniently formed container is perfect for storing your thread, needles, buttons, and other basic sewing tools. Other little household products, like batteries or first aid kits, would fit perfectly.

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13: Organize Your Food Storage Lids with A Bin and A Cooling Rack

Find a plastic storage bin of the appropriate size and a drying/cooling rack of the same size in the aisles of your preferred organizing retailer to create a convenient, clutter-free home for your many, many food storage lids.

14. VARIERA Containers Are Perfect for Storing Cleaning Supplies

Pick up a few of these three-dollar miracles the next time you’re in IKEA. VARIERAs are not only useful for keeping yoga mats and wrapping paper (as well as storing plastic grocery bags!), but they are also excellent for organizing cleaning equipment like dusters, scrub brushes, rags, and spray bottles.

It’s a smart move to utilize a single VARIERA to store all of those items; you can even use different VARIERAs for different types of cleaning, each of which requires a unique set of tools.

15. Make Use of Silicone Cupcake Liners to Classify Small Items

Silicone cupcake liners are great for organizing little items like push pins, safety pins, paper clips, and bobby pins, and I use them in my children’s lunches to prevent the orange wedges from making the veggie straws soggy.

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