Steven Universe: The Radical Empathy of Steven Universe (column)

Steven Universe

This great last showdown in “Steven Universe” isn’t between friends and opponents, but rather between Steven Universe and himself.

Each character, after six years and nearly 200 episodes, sat down to ponder some of life’s most fundamental questions:

Once a hero has rescued the day, what happens to them afterward? In order to better understand Steven’s Universe, let’s take a closer look at him.

What follows Steven’s fall into uncertainty and the beautiful intuitive technique that pulls him out of it is heady stuff for any present, not to mention a children’s cartoon that’s saturated in pastels and upbeat musical breaks.

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” It’s also a rather daring narrative for “Steven Universe,” and therefore a fitting one to end on, even if watching it come to a close with such expert care just serves to heighten the sadness of its demise.

Steven Universe began as a simple confectionery scene starring Zach Callison’s character, Steven, and his three “Crystal Gem” alien guardians, Amethyst (Michaela Dietz), Pearl (Deedee Magno), and Garnet (Estelle).

Steven Universe

Alien life and human life coexist peacefully in a world where love has no bounds, where the best weapon of the story’s protagonist is his capacity for empathy. One of tv’s sharpest, Rebecca Sugar’s truly empathic present, as Steven and his friends faced their worries and shared their joys.

As Steven, a half-Crystal Gem, and half-human, discovered the usual unsettling truth about his powers and background, it became increasingly difficult. Friendship and doughnuts were interspersed with heartfelt tales of triumph and hard lessons on what it means to live.

The Gems, however, were always able to come out on top thanks to Steven’s innate empathy. Why? Because they’d always find a way to save the day, as the theme song put it.

Steven Universe: Future, a 20-episode finale on Cartoon Network, made plain that the show wasn’t about to take a simple (or at the very least more elastic) route out of its own disastrous events in those remaining episodes.

Unlike many children’s cartoons, this one’s characters weren’t able to bounce back as if nothing had happened. An alternative approach was used in “Steven Universe: Future,” which looked at how its characters will adapt to the new normal of not needing to solve the world’s problems.

As a result, it also gave Steven the opportunity to have a real crisis of faith because he had nothing else to do—no wars to fight, no friends to rescue—but simply be himself, whatever that may be.

“Steven Universe: Future” delved headlong into Steven’s uncertainty and trauma with the kind of care typical of the series after a few lovely episodes about the peaceful new establishment were shown to us.

Steven, accustomed to being the one to step in and help others in their time of need, refused to allow anyone to aid him.

Steven blames himself for his chronic melancholy during an objectively secure moment in his environment, even when a doctor calmly explains that he’s still coping with a complete history of trauma. After being left to his own devices with no clear direction, Steven loses all sense of self-awareness.

Steven Universe

This is a big risk that pays off in the show’s last four episodes. The “Steven Universe” team may be aware of its audience, a cross-section of starry-eyed kids and adults—and trusts them to know Steven’s problems, having adopted him to the ends of the galaxy and back again.

we want nothing more than for Steven to know that he doesn’t need everyone else’s burden, that he is more than enough on his own and worthy of affection even if he doesn’t consider it himself. like Steven’s family and friends in the present.

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In “Steven Universe,” you’ll find a grace that extends an open mind and a sympathetic hand, not just to your loved ones, but also to your enemies and yourself. In order to put love first, it didn’t just say so (which is easy enough), but it actually put it into practice.

It persuaded its viewers that we, too, deserve the kind of compassion we are more likely to extend to others by taking its characters’ feelings seriously even when they couldn’t.

Catharsis in the face of adversity can be found in the most desolate places. It showed us how to support one another and how asking for aid isn’t a sign of weakness but rather a necessity by bringing together families who showed up every day to take care of one another.

Rather than emphasizing physical strength, the scene promoted emotional fortitude by portraying its protagonists as highly effective because of their generosity rather than their physical might.

As seen in “Steven Universe,” kindness is the most powerful energy an individual can possess. It may sound simple, but as “Steven Universe” has shown, it’s the kind of future worth fighting for.

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