Spotify Blend: Creating a Spotify Playlist Using Your Friends and Family Favorite Music

Spotify Blend

Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to locate the new Blend playlist function on Spotify yet; it allows you to create a custom playlist for yourself and a friend.

There’s a good chance you saw a prompt to enable the feature the last time you launched the app, but it might be buried in a menu somewhere. Get the lowdown on Blend playlists and how to make them on Spotify right here.

Where Can I Find a Blend Playlist?

The blend is a new Spotify feature that enables two users to create a shared playlist that combines their most current music preferences and updates daily. Both accounts will have access to your Blend playlist, and Spotify’s personalization features will regularly update the selection of music based on each user’s listening habits.

Although it’s enjoyable to collaborate on a playlist with someone song by song, having one that rotates on its own saves time and is a huge time-saver.

When you and a buddy make a Blend playlist, Blend will calculate how well your musical interests align and provide you with a taste match score and some stylish infographics, much like Spotify’s year-in-review Wrapped playlist, that you can post on social media.

Spotify Blend

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Tips for Making a Spotify Blend Playlist

Spotify’s custom playlist options tend to shift around, making them less obvious to stumble into. However, once you learn the basics, creating a Blend playlist is easy.

Start up the Spotify app on your mobile device (unfortunately, this function is not yet available on desktop) and select the “Search” tab at the app’s bottom.

Look for the button that says “Made for you” and click it. Depending on what Spotify is promoting at any given time, this feature’s location may change, although it’s usually near the top of the “Browse all” heading.

If you click on the Blend album art, a blank playlist will load. This choice is currently displayed prominently under “Made for You,” but in the future, it may be buried.

When you add a new user to a playlist, Spotify will suggest that you invite them. Due to the lack of an internal communications system, the Spotify “Invite” button will prompt you to share the app’s URL by email, Facebook Messenger, text message, or any other method you prefer.

When your friend opens Spotify from the link in your message, you can invite them to your Blend playlist. As soon as they click “join,” a 50-song playlist is generated automatically, based on the most recently streamed music from both accounts.

Spotify Blend

Once you and a buddy have created a Blend playlist, it will be accessible in the same place as your other stored playlists. All of your Blend playlists are accessible in the “Made for you” area after executing the aforementioned procedures.

After collaborating with my significant other and a few close pals, I made a few unique Blend playlists.

After seven years of living together and sharing music libraries, my girlfriend and I thought we knew pretty much everything on this playlist. However, there were a few cool songs on here that I had never heard her play before, so that was a pleasant surprise.

The blend is a service that allows you to make a playlist with friends or people you don’t know. My college roommate Casey and I used to listen to the same bands and musicians while we lived together, but our musical tastes have since diverged. We still listen to Drake and Jay-Z, but now we also listen to mellower country and folk music.

Then, my former colleague and good buddy Sokvonny and I put together a mixtape. Despite our shared appreciation for Frank Ocean and office grind lo-fi electronic playlists, we rarely listen to music together. Just yesterday, we were texting about Kanye West’s Donda release.

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Our Blend playlist exposed me to a new side of her musical taste; she enjoys danceable, cheerful electronic music by bands and musicians I was previously unfamiliar with. And she found out I’ve been sitting around listening to a lot of depressing Phoebe Bridgers songs with a touch of outlaw country.

Spotify doesn’t specify how it creates its Blend playlists, but it’s not as simple as combining the most played songs from each user’s profile.

To my surprise, not a single song from my side of the aisle was included on all three playlists on the first try (although there are days when they appear more alike), and it seems like there is an effort to combine two users’ tastes rather than merely alternate song picks from two lists.

I am hoping that Spotify would make this function more accessible by moving it from the settings menu. You’ll have to hand out Blend invites till then.

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