Snapchat Launches Lenses for Rongali Bihu and Vaisakhi: Check Here for All Details

Snapchat Launches Lenses for Rongali Bihu and Vaisakhi

In order to commemorate the beginning of the Spring and Harvest seasons across India, Snapchat India has introduced some country-specific filters.

As a result of the continuing coronavirus pandemic, the celebrations of festivals this year have taken place indoors, which has led to a bit of a departure from the norm.

The spring and harvest seasons have arrived, and to celebrate, Snapchat India has introduced a new filter that users may access through the Snapchat India app.

The celebration of spring is well-known over the entirety of the country;

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Snapchat Launches Lenses for Rongali Bihu and Vaisakhi

in the north and west, it is known as Vaisakhi; in the south, it is known as Puthandu or Vishu; and in the east, it is known as Pana Sankranti, Bihu, and Pahela Baisakh.

Customers in the area where the event is taking place will presumably have access to Snapchat’s festive lenses. This will be determined by the location of the celebration.

Customers can also find these lenses by scrolling through the various lenses that are available at the bottom of the Snapchat app.

The answer can be found by looking at the region in which the pageant is being held.

AR functionality will be added to Snapchat. These lenses are available for customers to try out and share with one another along with their holiday messages.

The app provides a list of the many different festivals that are taking place in India at the moment, beginning with Vaisakhi, which is celebrated in North and West India today.

After then, there can be a celebration known as Pana Sankranti, which is observed in Odisha.

Snapchat Launches Lenses for Rongali Bihu and Vaisakhi

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The day known as Puthandu, which is the major day of the conventional Tamil calendar, occurs on April 14 this year.

The celebratory glasses on Snapchat can also be customized to include a pageant greeting, such as “Blissful Rongali Bihu” or “Blissful Vaisakhi.”

In addition to the lenses, it will also have filter effects applied to the welcoming message.

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