Seva Sindhu Interstate Travel: An Online Application and Registration Process for Migrant Workers

During the COVID lockdown, Seva Sindhu Karnataka Portal offers an E-pass and a movement permit. Seva Sindhu Portal now offers all E-pass-related services to Karnataka residents.

Migrant workers, Karnataka residents stranded in other states, and people from other states stranded in Karnataka can all benefit from these online services.

To Take Advantage of The Following Benefits, Interested Parties Must First Register on The Seva Sindhu Portal:

To enter Karnataka from another state, you’ll need a COVID 19 Pass (Interstate COVID 19 Pass to Karnataka)
applying for the COVID 19 E-Pass to travel from other countries to Karnataka (Internation COVID 19 Pass to Karnataka)

Obtaining an Interstate COVID 19 Pass from Karnataka by filling out an online application
After submitting an application, you can also check the status of your application.

We strongly recommend that anyone with an interest in any of the aforementioned services read this article and follow the instructions provided.

Registration for Seva Sindhu | Online Covid 19 E Pass in Karnataka

Seva Sindhu Interstate Travel

As mentioned before, it is important to fill in the online registration form to avail curfew/lockdown pass.

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Online registration at Seva Sindhu is critical if you plan to travel from Karnataka to your home state or country, or if you are traveling to Karnataka from another state (Inter-State Travel).

Now, we’ll go over each of the available choices in detail. Let’s get this show on the road.

Online Application for Migrant Worker/student/pilgrim in Karnataka at Seva Sindhu

If you’re a permanent resident of Karnataka but currently living in another state, this section is for you! Tourists, pilgrims, and migrant workers make up this group. If you’re one of these people and live in the state of Karnataka, you need to take action immediately:

Visit the Karnataka Seva Sindhu Portal at for more information

To travel to Karnataka from another Indian state, go to “Covid-19: Apply here.”

In order to register for this event, click on the following link:

Hit the submit button after you’ve entered all of the necessary information.

Save the application reference number in a convenient location.

Karnataka’s Seva Sindhu | Travel from Karnataka to Other States, E-Pass Registration Form

People from other parts of India who have ended up in Karnataka, as the title suggests, can find assistance in this section. To apply for an E-pass, go to the seva sindhu website and follow these instructions:

To begin, visit Seva Sindhu’s official website.

“Covid-19: Apply here to travel to other Indian states from Karnataka” is the first option.

Fill out the online registration form at Seva Sindhu by clicking on the link provided here.
Make sure you fill out all of the required fields accurately. Please enter your name, address, Aadhaar number, and phone number in the fields provided and click “Submit.”

A confirmation number will appear on the screen after your application has been submitted successfully, so save it for future use.

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Traveling to Karnataka from another country? Fill out an online application at Seva Sindhu (International COVID 19 Pass)

Seva Sindhu Interstate Travel

Karnataka residents who are currently stranded outside of their home state should follow these instructions:

The official Seva Sindhu Portal can be found here.
To apply from outside of Karnataka, select “Covid-19: Apply here.”

You’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll have to fill out all the necessary information.

Please keep in mind that in Karnataka, you are required to provide your passport number and residential address.

After completing the necessary information, press the submit button and take note of the application reference number generated by the system.

Applying for a Karnataka E-Pass: Seva Sindhu Application Status

Check the status of your application for a Travel E-Pass if you applied under one of the sections listed above. To see if your application has been approved, follow these simple steps:

Visit the Check-Status page.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Significance of Seva Sindhu?

Seva Sindhu Portal is a government-run website that provides citizens of Karnataka with access to a variety of online services. People stranded during COVID 19 can use this portal to fill out the E-pass online registration form.

A Travel E-Pass Is Available to Anyone Who Can Access the Seva Sindhu Portal.

Tourists, pilgrims, and students who are stranded in other states or countries and want to return to Karnataka or return to their home state.

What Are the Requirements for Submitting an Application?

This includes basic information such as a person’s name, address (including a cell phone number), and the type of transportation they plan to use.

Is There a Way to Track the Progress of My Application Online?

Definitely. However, in order to do so, you must first verify your mobile phone number via OTP or enter the application reference number.

For More Information Visit Our Site:

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