Replacing iPhone Battery: These Are the Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Battery

Replacing iPhone Battery:

The battery life and performance of your iPhone may have degraded significantly if you’ve had it for a while. Sounds familiar? The battery on your iPhone may need to be swapped out.

In a recent statement, Apple admitted that its lithium-ion batteries lose their ability to keep a full charge over time.

It’s possible for a battery to lose up to 80% of its capacity after 500 charge cycles. When your iPhone’s battery is nearing the end of its life span, it may begin to deliberately slow down in order to preserve it.

The Best Way to Tell if Your iPhone’s Battery Needs to Be Changed

Using Settings > Battery > Battery Health is the best way to tell if your iPhone battery needs to be replaced. The “Maximum Capacity” and “Peak Performance Capability” of your battery are displayed on this page for your convenience.

The battery’s “Maximum Capacity” is a comparison between the battery’s current capacity and its capacity at purchase.

Replacing iPhone Battery:

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When you first get your phone, the battery percentage should be 100 percent; as time passes, the number will drop, and the faster the battery drains, the more you’ll need to charge.

As a result, the “Peak Performance Capability” assessment is more of a “OK” or “NOT-SO-OK” situation. It’s safe to say that if your phone says “Your battery is currently sustaining regular peak performance,

” you are good to go. This iPhone has undergone an unexpected shutdown and has to be restarted.” Your battery is showing signs of substantial wear and tear, which is why “performance management” has been implemented.

To put it another way, Apple has begun to slow down or “throttle” your phone’s processing speed in an effort to avoid further battery wear. This throttling mechanism can be turned off, but once it’s been done, the device will shut down unexpectedly,

so proceed with caution. Finally, if you get the notice “Your battery’s health is drastically degraded…”, it signifies that your battery is extremely drained and that you should strongly consider replacing it.

You won’t be able to see battery status in Settings if your iPhone is older than 2014 or running iOS 11.2 or earlier. Some other signs that your iPhone battery needs to be replaced include:

If you’re constantly recharging your battery, even when you’re not using it, it may be time to buy a new one.

Your phone may need a new battery if it dies unexpectedly when the battery is 10% or more depleted.

Replace the battery if your iPhone only works when plugged in.

If you want a more scientific approach, you may use an app like Battery Health to monitor your battery’s capacity, power consumption, and other metrics.

Is It Necessary to Replace the Battery on Your iPhone?

A New Battery for Your iPhone Will Set You Back a Pretty Penny

The first thing you’ll want to know is how much a new iPhone battery will cost you once you’ve made the decision that you need one.

If you want to upgrade from an older iPhone model to a newer model, you’ll have to pay Apple $49 to do so. iPhone X, XS, XS Max batteries will be $69 each, as will batteries for the iPhone XR ($69), XR ($69), XR ($69), XR ($69), XR ($69), XR ($69), and iPhone XR ($69).

Where and How Do You Get a New Battery for Your iPhone?

In order to replace your battery, you have two options:

As previously stated, this is done via Apple. If your phone needs to be repaired, you can either mail it in or schedule an appointment to have it repaired at an Apple Store.

It takes 3-5 business days to get your iPhone back if you mail it in. If you bring it in, it’s usually fixed the same day you bring it in.

By using services like uBreakiFix or a nearby phone repair shop. Third-party battery replacements can be less expensive than Apple’s in some situations.

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Make it happen on your own (DIY). The most cost-effective way to change the battery is to do it yourself. There are a number of kits available for between $15 and $30 on Amazon and eBay that include step-by-step instructions.

By searching “how to replace your iPhone battery,” you can find a number of helpful online video instructions. Your actions here are entirely at your own risk.

Is It Better to Simply Get a New Phone?

The battery should be replaced in most circumstances. Buying a new iPhone because your old one doesn’t hold a charge for a full two or three days doesn’t make sense.

There are a variety of techniques available for extending the life of your battery. There are some easy ways to speed up your iPhone if it’s running slowly for whatever reason unrelated to the battery.

For those who have already checked their battery, and it’s fine, and their iPhone is still running slowly or dying frequently, they should either buy a new device or schedule an appointment with an Apple store so they can further diagnose the problem.

If you’re still using a 5th-generation or older iPhone, it’s time to upgrade. At some point, it doesn’t make much of a difference how new your battery is; an old iPhone will run slower, regardless of how new your battery.

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