PUBG New State Pre-Registrations Cross 5 Million: Within a Week Pre-Registrations on The Google Play Store Cross 5 Million

Pre-registrations for PUBG: New State has surpassed five million on Google Play.

An important milestone has been reached just one week after the pre-registration link was released.

The pre-registration link is open exclusively for Android users not for iOS users.

PUBG New State has already proven popular even before its release, hitting the 5 million milestones in pre-registration in just one week on Google Play Store.

New State pre-registrations on the Google Play play store begin on February 25.

According to a Tweet from the company

PUBG New State Pre-Registrations Cross 5 Million:

“You did it! We did it! Thanks to our AMAZING community, we’ve hit over 5 million pre-registrations on Google Play inside a week!

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We’re happy to release more exclusive info soon, so keep an eye on our social channels and spread the word,” the tweet by PUBG: New State.

Is Pre-Registration For PUBG New State Possible in India?

Fans in India are still quite excited about the game. Despite multiple attempts by Krafton, the Indian government doesn’t seem to be modifying its stance on the prohibition.

In a Recent Interview: union Minister Parkash Javedkar dubbed the PUBG game Violent and addicting.

Now, Karafton has no intentions to bring the new PUBG: New State game to India, that is why the firm did not allow pre-registration of the game in the nation.

In the near future, the PUBG Mobile New State APK download file will be made available for anyone who wishes to play the game.

PUBG New State Pre-Registrations Cross 5 Million:

PUBG New State: A Look at The Experience

The year is 2051, and this is the year that PUBG New State is established. The fundamental theme of the game will be shooting and survival.

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New Weapon Customization features allow players to change the look and feel of their weapons in-game.

The basic motive of the game is to “Push the limits” of mobile users. In order to overcome the adversaries, it plans to use cutting-edge technology such as drones.

To get around the globe, there will be some fantastic cars.

The developers have also promised that additional unique information will be available relatively soon. This could be a hint at a release date or other significant news.

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