Pubg Mobile Permanently Suspended the Accounts: Almost a Million Accounts Have Been Suspended for Cheating

Pubg Mobile Permanently Suspended the Accounts:

A total of more than a million accounts were suspended in the month of March.
Auto-Aim Hacks were employed by the most cheating players.
Those in the Conqueror category made up only 1% of all gamers that were banned.

PUBG Mobile has announced that it has permanently terminated more than 1 million accounts for cheating in the game in its latest crackdown.

With so many people playing the battle royale game on their mobile devices, PUBG Mobile has a massive user base, but the game is also plagued by individuals who cheat in the game.

Cheating is done mostly through exploiting the game’s hacks so that other players are unable to enjoy their experience. PUBG Mobile implemented an anti-cheat system a few months ago in order to keep the game’s integrity intact.

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Pubg Mobile Permanently Suspended the Accounts:

According to a tweet from PUBG Mobile, 1,110,842 accounts have been permanently banned from the game. Since these accounts have been removed from the game, they can’t be reactivated.

Players construct bots to assist them in winning a game utilising hacks and decoys in the game, while others use these exploits to assure their own victory. It appears that PUBG Mobile‘s reasons for banning a player include,

Hacks for Auto-Aiming

— Boosting Your Speed

The ability to see through walls is known as X-Ray Vision.

The most recent anti-cheating report from PUBG Mobile dates from the week of March 5 through the week of March 11. In the study, PUBG Mobile stated that a shocking 34% of the banned accounts were Bronze accounts.

The Diamond category comes in second place with a 13% share of the market. In the crackdown, accounts graded Silver and Crown received 13% of the total, while platinum and gold received 11% and 10%, respectively. Ace accounts accounted for 7% of the total in the chart. The Conquerors had the fewest cheaters.

Additionally, PUBG Mobile reported on the percentage of players using various hacks, as well as their popularity. Auto-Aim Hacks and X-Ray Vision were utilised by 29% and 28%, respectively, of the banned accounts.

There were 19 percent of accounts that were using speed-hacks, 7 percent that was using area-damage mods, and 1% that were using character model mods.

Pubg Mobile Permanently Suspended the Accounts:

Only 16% of PUBG Mobile accounts employed third-party software hacks, which aren’t as prevalent in the mobile version of the game.

According to this report, the number of cheaters has decreased. This month’s report shows a 41% decrease in the number of gamers that were banned from March 5 to March 11.

PUBG Mobile has stepped up its fight against cheaters, and the company’s anti-cheat technology has started evicting them from the game to ensure fair play.

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What Can You Do to Keep from Being Blacklisted?

There are no genuine ways to cheat or hack in PUBG Mobile, unlike most other games. As a result of their usage of the hacks, these players have an advantage over their rivals who are unsure.

By spending as much time as possible in the game and improving your skills at locating and killing enemies, PUBG Mobile encourages fair play.

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