PUBG Drones: Gamers Will Be Able to Use Drones in Battle for Free

PUBG Drones

In the near future, Pubg: Battlegrounds will become free-to-play. Increased player numbers and decreased reliance on bots can be expected as a result of this change in policy.

Pubg Battlegrounds’ upcoming upgrade will also include new features that will modernize the battle royale game.

A new wave of tactical gear is about to hit the maps, according to Krafton.

Players will be able to use a variety of new weapons and armor in the upcoming Pubg: Battlegrounds version 15.2. Tactical Gear will be the name of a new category of tactical equipment.

Players will no longer have to rely solely on gunplay. The new gear can be used by players with a wide range of abilities.

The primary weapon slots will be taken over by Tactical Gear. This will compel players to rethink their approach to gameplay and long-term planning.

The addition of drones is likely to have a significant impact on gameplay.

If you’re looking for a safe way to scope out an area without risking direct battle, the Drone is your best option.

Aerial drones will appear on all maps, according to Krafton. Normal, Custom, Training and Sandbox modes will all feature them.

How to Operate a Drone

PUBG Drones

The Drone Tablet can be held in the hands of players after looting and equipping the drone.

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Drone View can then be toggled on and off.

When players switch to Drone View, the Drone will take off.

drones have their drawbacks

You’ll be able to tell the difference between a Drone in the air and one that has been deployed by the unique drone icon on the map and the minimap.

To fly from the perspective of a Drone, players’ characters will cease moving and relinquish control of their bodies.

Toggling out of Drone View doesn’t cause the Drone to fall to the ground.

How to Bring a Drone Back to Life

Recalling a Drone in flight is possible.

Recalling a Drone causes it to attempt to fly back in a straight line to the location from which it was summoned by the player.

Flight path: The Drone will return to its original location.

If the player attempts to use the Drone Tablet while the recall is in progress, the recall will be stopped.

A player can’t use the recall feature again while the recall is in progress.

Additionally, the Drone’s Other Features

In order to fly the Drone, players must stay within a 300-meter radius of the device.

The drone informs players when it’s within 90m of its maximum operating radius with a warning message and a static screen

In order to use the Drone again, players must retrieve and repair it if it exits its operating radius.

There is maximum health of 35 for the Drone, and it can be damaged by a wide range of weapons and effects.

PUBG Drones

A Drone can only carry one item in its inventory at a time.

Care Packages, death boxes, and trunks can’t be picked up by drones.

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-Players in Drone View have the option to drop any item they currently have in their inventory at any time.

Recalling the Drone gives players access to the Drone’s held item.

While in Drone View, players can still ping as normal.

A standard ping sound will be heard instead of an animated ping symbol.

Update 15.2 will be released on January 12th, and Krafton has confirmed that the Live Server will be unavailable on PC and Console during this time.

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