Poshan Tracker App: The Poshan Abhiyaan Scheme-How to Use-Download Apk

The Indian government has been taking aggressive measures to improve the lives of those in need. The administration has adopted a tough stance on digitalization.

The Poshan Tracker app, developed by government officials in their pursuit of digitization, not only assists Anganwadi recipients, employees, and supervisors but also allows them to track the progress of the programme.

That’s why so many people are asking, “What exactly is the Poshan Tracker application?” Let us know if you have any further questions about this topic in the comments section below.

Please Explain to Me What This Poshan Tracker Software Is All About.

All Anganwadi Centres (AWC), Anganwadi Workers (AWWs), and beneficiaries can be tracked and monitored using the Poshan Tracker app developed by MoWCD.

Every aspect of AWC and AWW activities may be seen in this government app.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and youngsters, as well as older adolescents, can all benefit from this feature.

The app can be readily installed on Android smartphones with a version of Android 6 or higher.

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Poshan Tracker App

In Order to Use the Poshan Tracker App, how Do You Register?

No one else can use the Poshan Tracker App except the Anganwadi Center and its employees. There is a catch, however:

They must register themselves in order to monitor and track the Anganwadi beneficiaries. To sign up, simply follow the procedures outlined below:

Before you can use the app, you must first download it and then open it.

As an Anganwadi worker, you will be prompted to enter your registered mobile phone number as soon as the app launches.

Your next step will be to submit the mandatory one-time password (OTP), and that’s it.

How Do I Get the Poshan Tracker App on My Smartphone?

Start your Android device’s Google Play Store application and search for “Poshan Tracker.”

Search “Poshan Tracker App”
Click “Install” to begin the download once you’ve located the app.
As soon as it’s downloaded, you may open it and sign up or report a problem.

What Is the Procedure for Reporting a Problem on The Poshan Tracker Application?

The Poshan Tracker App will prompt you for your phone number when you first use it.

“Don’t have an account? Register here” is one of the options that can be seen in the drop-down menu below.

Below it, you’ll notice “Have an issue? Click here.” Simply tap on that to bring up an issue form, fill it out with the relevant information, then click “Submit.”

Poshan Tracker App

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A look at what the Poshan tracker includes…

An extremely robust mechanism for convergence is introduced.
To encourage states and territories to accomplish their goals, this app provides monetary incentives

Anganwadi staff that uses IT-based tools are rewarded.
Analyzing how different approaches to combating hunger are represented on maps

Reduces the massive weight of the registers
At the center for Anganwadi children, height measurements have been introduced.

A social audit is a type of investigation of the
Does a real-time data monitoring system exist?

Setting up nutrition resource centers is also a benefit.

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