Play Plants vs Zombies 2 Free: A Guide to Free Playing This Game and Gameplay Tips and Tricks

An entirely new game has been created by Popcap in conjunction with the popular original, but it’s not the same game as the original in any way, shape or form.

A freemium model has been implemented, which means that the game is free to use but encourages you to purchase additional features via in-app purchases (IAP).

That model has its devotees. It’s anathema to some. We’re not here to criticise anyone. Whatever your preferred method of play, we’re here to help you get the most out of Plants vs. Zombies 2.

So, of course, we’re sharing all of our knowledge with you in the form of advice,

Plants vs. Zombies 2: How To Play?

We always enjoy games that require us to use our minds and strategies because it gives us a more realistic feeling and also allows us to learn from the experience.

You must defend your brain from zombies in this game, and the only way to do that is to kill the zombies hiding among the plants. Plants can be used to deal damage to zombies.

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The Most Useful Hints and Techniques

Play Plants vs Zombies 2 Free

Use your Sunflower plant’s full potential!

Sunflowers, like the original Plants vs. Zombies, are crucial. As a general rule, you should aim for two rows of Sunflowers on each level of your garden.

If you use them in conjunction with Potato Mines to cover your Sunflower planting, you’re all set.

In Times of Scarcity, Make the Most of Your Plant Dollars.

Place plants with area-of-effect attacks like Threepeater, Snapdragons, etc. in lanes 2 and 4 and they’ll cover the entire lawn for you on levels where money or plants are limited.

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Spray a Plant with Plant Food to Get a Quick Attack.

A plant that is in the middle of its refresh time can be made to “wake up” and attack by feeding it plant food. Coconut Cannons, in particular, will greatly benefit from this.

In order to keep a plant “awake” during an attack, you’ll need to use this trick, but it won’t keep it awake for long.

Reset the Purple World Deck by Killing the App.

Is the Purple World card deck not to your liking? There’s nothing I can’t handle. For Plants vs.

Zombies 2, press the Home button, then double-click to open multitasking.

Then, kill the Plants vs Zombies 2 icon by holding it for a few seconds and tapping the X (iOS 6), or simply throw away the Plants vs Zombies 2 card. (iOS 7).

Restart Plants vs. Zombies 2, and you’ll be greeted by a brand new set of cards!

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5 tips for surviving on a pirate island: bonk choy and spikeweed

Consider using this formation in the Pirate World if you’re having trouble surviving Last Stand 3.

You’ll be able to finish the level without even looking if you use only Bonk Choy and Spikeweeds.

There is no need to ever replace the Spikeweeds because they are not eaten. The Bonk Choys will box any remaining zombies into oblivion.

In Order to Save a Treasure Yeti from Being Lost, You Must Leave the Level.

Even if you are about to lose a level to the Treasure Yeti zombie, you can restart the level and find the Yeti and his treasure when you return.

Play Plants vs Zombies 2 Free

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The Treasure Yetis Treasure Is Yours if You Finish the Level.

Getting your treasure and then leaving the map without completing the level is impossible.

PVZ2 isn’t going to do that. Once the yeti has been defeated, you will receive your happy lunch box of treasure.

Use Plants with Kernel-Pults Against Zombie Seagulls.

A Kernel-pult is the best way to bring down a Seagull Zombie flying over the ocean.

A Kernel-pult is an absolute must-have in case you encounter any Seagull Zombies during a level.

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Recognize the Zombie Patterns in Your Environment.

Because zombies always attack in the same way, if you make a mistake, you should keep track of the pattern so you can replay the level correctly.

It’s possible to set up plants in lanes 1, 4, and 6 to take care of the zombies that keep appearing, for example, if a zombie first appears in lane 1, then another appears in lane 4, and so on.

A Kernel-Pult Plant Catapult Should Always Be Kept on The Roof.

You should have at least one rooftop plant (Melons, Cabbage, Kernels, etc.) on hand at all times in Plants vs. Zombies 2.

The zombies will be wiped out if you feed them plant food. For my preferred method of dealing with zombies in World of Warcraft, I prefer to use the Kernel-pult.

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