Oppo Watch Free: Released in India with A SpO2 Sensor and A Water-Resistant Construction

Oppo Watch Free

As the company’s most recent wearable, the Oppo Watch Free has done a bit of market stirring. It’s more of a fitness band than a smartwatch, although its appearance may confuse you.

For Rs 14,999, Oppo unveiled a watch that appears to be a younger sibling of that model. In addition to being significantly less expensive, the Oppo Watch Free lacks features such as Android support.

Though as an activity tracker, it offers features such as pulse monitoring, blood oxygen level testing, and sleep tracking as well as an amazing pairing with Oppo smartphones.

The Heart Rate Sensor and SpO2 Meter Are Both Included in The Oppo Watch Free

However, Oppo took a page out of Apple’s playbook and included a few intriguing wellness and wellbeing-related functions to its watch for free.

For example, if you’re using an Oppo phone, the wellness band will display all of the phone’s notifications, even if they’ve been disabled in the settings.

Oppo Watch Free

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That’s a clever way to keep the game going without interruption. The Watch Free also supports the iPhone, although its utility is limited.

Oppo Watch Free Cost in India

The Oppo Watch Free costs Rs 5,999 and can be purchased via Flipkart and Oppo’s online shop, but the delivery date has not yet been established.

Oppo Watch Free particulars

Although it appears to be a smartwatch, the Oppo Watch Free is actually a fitness band disguised as one. Display: 1.64-inch AMOLED with 280×456 pixels and 326ppi pixel thickness.

Pixel density: 326ppi. With the battery set to “light,” it should last 14 days on a single charge, according to the manufacturer.

Your Pulse Can Be Monitored Using Oppo Watch Free

Using the Oppo Watch Free you may monitor your heart rate and blood oxygenation levels, as well as how active or idle you are on a daily basis. It’s a given that the watch will tell you if you’re snoring.

Oppo Watch Free

Many different sports and activities are represented by the more than one hundred game modes that are included in the game.

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Strolling, sprinting, paddling, and circular movements can all be distinguished by the band.

Using Bluetooth 5.0, the Oppo Watch Free connects to your phone, and it also has 5ATM water resistance. There are over a hundred watch faces included with the device.

However, the company is expected to expand its support to a wider range of devices in the near future. 32.6 grams and a size of 46 x 29 x 10.6 mm

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