Yahoo Finance Added Cryptocurrency Trading for Bitcoin and Altcoins


Yahoo Finance recently added cryptocurrency stats along with trading on the platform itself.

Though the cryptocurrency trading is only available for few counties including the US. But might be expanding the availability for other countries soon as per the validity confirms within the countries.


Yahoo Finance Added Crypto Trading for Bitcoin and Altcoins


Crypto community and enthusiasts felt like a great move for the expansion of the blockchain technology acceptance towards the future.

Crypto enthusiast and founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano tweeted—

Price of bitcoin touched around 7100$ which was same as the per month entry price. Along 29-30th Aug day, bitcoin was trading at near 7100$, surging around 15%. Alone with other altcoins also showed greenish movement.

Ethereum was too trading around 200$, but didn’t touch 300% checkpoint. Showing movement barrier after the plummet occurrence. Though ethereum soon going for the biggest update on their blockchain named as Casper Ethreum Update.

In the month of March, Yahoo Japan announced that they are planning to launch their cryptocurrency exchange and will going to be live very soon in near April or later this year.

“The purchase of BitARG shares will be made through Tokyo’s YJFX, a wholly owned Yahoo subsidiary that operates foreign exchange transaction services,” the publication reports, adding that the 40% stake will cost the company 2 bln yen ($19 mln).

The current market cap holds around $220B and predicted to be consolidate for a while more before the bull run near the end of the year.

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