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Tron Successfully Burned 670 Million TRX ERC20 token


Tron Successfully Burned 670 Million TRX ERC20 token

tron coin burnOfficials by Tron foundation announced on 27th August of successfully burn of the existing ERC20 tokens.

This was the fourth batch event occurred after the previous 3 consecutive successful burn.

These tokens are migrated to the mainstream as the Tron’s platform expands.

Amount of coin burn: 670,045,551.449388 TRX (ERC20token)


Tron migration occurred on 25th June with the platform shifted from ethereum based ERC20 tokens to entirely on it’s on own network.

The current Tron mainnet is running smoothly with much technology enhancements. The network currently holds 909 nodes all over the world, block height is of 1818185.

Foundation reported that their migration still running in progress with few left outs while keeping the Tron network up running.


What is the coin burn?

It is a process of destroying the existing tokens so that no one can use them. In actual, it does not actually burns but the tokens are transferred to a NULL address where the coins lockdown and can’t withdraw.

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