Tron Introduced TronLink: New Chrome Extension for DApps

(source: tron’s medium article)

Recently on 21 July Tron introduced its first Dapp called Tron link which is nothing but the chrome extension powered app to connect to the Tron Network just like Metamask does.

Tron Foundation tweeted out,

Tron Link gives user accessibility to connect to the Tron network directly, it is easy to use and user-friendly just like metamask. The extension allows connecting to the content of a website to a secure platform where a user can send, receive and sign the transaction.

The Tron call this application to be, “Ticket into the land of decentralized applications on the Tron blockchain.”

The Application provides similar functionality to their desktop wallet while too offering a concise and yet API for a developer for Tron applications. They mentioned that the extension runs on the sandbox environment and uses special encryptions to secure the wallet details. No matter how much funds user got it will keep them forever safe.

A user has the ability to restore their previous account while having to generate additional accounts too.

Putting that into simple words, Tronlink provides websites with easy to use developer interface which can directly interact with the smart contrasts on Tron blockchain.

Similar examples would be like “cryptokitties” which interacts with Etherum blockchain, just like similar Dapps can be now possible on Tron’s Network too thanks to Tronlink featurings.

They mentioned in their blog,

“TronLink provides similar usage to the Tron Network as MetaMask does with the Ethereum Network. Developers will now be able to create and interact with DApps in the browser which opens up a whole new realm that Tron has never seen before.”

TronLink will be available on the Chrome Web Store on July 31.

Tron coming up with these secret projects makes us think what all next upcoming. Tron also working on their VMs which will soon be unleashed with July endings.

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