Here is Why Tron Can Boom! Surprise for Tron Holders (Tron/Trx Update)

On 31st May, Tron (TRX) will come with yet another surprise for its holders, as it will work on its own blockchain rather than ethereum blockchain. After the testing and settlement of main net update, it will come with yet another phenomenal news of token migration on 25 June. This token migration will allow independence of being an ethereum token.

With such major news coming in following month, and main net news is also a lot bigger. A major price spike in Tron is likely to happen in the coming days with many experts claiming its price to hit past its all-time high. Whether it will cross its all-time high or not we are not confident of it, but the price increase is sure. Tron price can be easily seen 1200-1300 Satoshi the following month.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON is quite confident of Tron and had started an early countdown for this huge event. Tron has gathered a positive response from the crypto community. They are constantly engaged in new tie-ups and listings on various exchanges within a week with listed on more than 6 exchanges worldwide. Also, various exchanges extended their support to Tron for network upgradation not only on the token migration day but till month end. More than 10 exchanges till now have extended support to Tron including the leader Binance.

So what’s the Surprise?

One of the best thing about Tron is their team, they keep their users aware of all the things going around the Tron and as such a letter addressing the entire community was recently posted that was authorized by Justin Sun himself. The letter described all the necessary upgradation about Tron and its migration. Now in addition to the plan which was not announced earlier is the release of a virtual machine just 6 days prior to the actual net release.

Justin Sun notified that TronVM v.0.1 will be launched on the 25th of this month. So another exciting news it is for Tron holders you can now guess how this is gonna for the Tron users and journey thereafter. This release will ensure all the dAPPs that were built initially on the Tron platform based on Ethereum can seamlessly migrate their projects. Moreover, they had also announced a reward program for the developer’s community, for the ones who shift from Ethereum to Tron.

Tron Foundation tweeted the update of the schedule earlier today:
“TronVM v.0.1 will be launched on May 25. This version will be fully compatible with the Ethereum VM. All Ethereum developers will be able to use an adapter to migrate seamlessly from Ethereum dApp projects to #TRON. We will offer a reward program, stay tuned!”

MainNet to Increase Tron (TRX) Transaction speeds :

Tron is taking the transaction speed seriously with many other coins in the race. The developer team continues to add features in preparation for the MainNet event. Tron includes the addition of Odyssey-v1.06 feature will see better features that will handle the vote freeze and vote defreeze.
Tron Odyssey-v1.06 is a performance-based feature and will transform the reward system on the platform. These are some of the features that could not be added due to bandwidth limitations on the Ethereum outfit.

Techllog View:

Tron seems to be a very interesting coin. Also, the team behind Tron is very amazing which is constantly upgrading their roadmap. Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron is most talked person in the crypto community. Listing its coin on a new exchange is his hobby.

Although the upgrade will be launching on the 31st May, the complete TRX realignment will run up to 21st June.
Tron (TRX) holders need to be super cool, the Tron price is going to skyrocket very soon. All you need is just patience.

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