Aftermath of Tron’s MainNet Launch [Tron/TRX Price Prediction]

  • Tron Mainnet successfully launched after its testnet.
  • Price dropped after the launch of mainnet.
  • Tron introduced bug bounty rewards for $10 million.
  • Tron enters in Indonesian Crypto Exchange Indodax to trade with the Rupiah.


Tron is finally launched its Mainnet is Live now after the Testnet is floating around. Justin Sun announced the launch of mainnet on 31 May 2018.

This mainstream launch will separate Tron blockchain apart from the ethereum block.  Tron was amongst one of the ERC20 tokens before, but it’s now an independent Token living on its own blockchain.

Tron price soars after the mainnet launch though was expected to surge. Many of thought it’s the biggest Tron Bug and many of the investors dropped off from the network. But the might just be the volatility and the maybe the bull is about to come back.

tron drops after mainnet lauch

The enormous support for the Tron might not just make the Tron dead, but its lot to expect.

Why did Tron leave the Ethereum Blockchain?

Well, one of the reasons was about the scaling issue that current blockchain technology facing.

Founder Justin Sun learned a lot from the trouble Ethereum faced with the EOS case where glitches in Ethereum’s smart contracts got around 600,000 ETH of user funds frozen in the Parity Wallet platform.

Plus the technology is limited and restrained tokens inside the ethereum ecosystem, and Tron wanted more for its technology expansion.

The Tron MainNet Bug

Is this really true that because of some sort of bug on the mainnet, the price of the Tron dropped? well, the Tron team is consolidated about its project and sure about its network for bugs free. They also launched the program called bug bounty rewards” and offering $10 million for the individual going to inform them about any bug.

Tron Listed on IndoDAX

After the mainnet launch, Tron is introduced in the Indonesian crypto exchange. With others, Tron is now live listed on 98 exchanges around the globe. Founder also mentioned in the tweets that more exchange is expected very soon, supporting Tron as no surprise considering the blockchain transition and token swap schedule.

tron on indonasian exchange


Ivan NathaNael, an Indonesian  Twitterati says:

“Not TRX/Rp. But TRX/IDR. I’m Indonesian. Welcome to Indonesia.”


What’s next for Tron?

Tron had its back on the ethereum blockchain, but now its independent on its own. It’s going to take some time in order to pull itself back up. The technology revealing Tron’s network to the newcomers and those who still not known, and it will gradually attract more investors in it.

At present, the Tron is holding its back by the consolidated technology and the platform upgradations from the Mainnet launch. The enormous support for Tron cannot make it die easily. Price is predicted to pump within the month and expected to touch all-time high by the end of the June.

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