Tencent Games Introduced PUBG Mobile Lite Newer Lighter Version to Attract Low End Devices

pubg mobile lite

Tencent Games that official developer of the game known to be PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is all around the devices with millions of active users and attracts more daily.

Recently the team has announced a newer version of this game, “PUBG Mobile Lite”, especially for the low end devices who can’t play the original game, will now be supporting.

PUBG is the online survival game where players across the globe play together and the last one standing wins the game, “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. Though the developers have come up with major intros updates including additional of First Person Shooting in the mobile edition and War mode, Still left with the support for the low-end mobile including the old devices.

The Game is insisting to cover all the players with its addictiveness feel and various reward system to keep you up to in the game.

The current version is only limited to those devices having the processor of Snapdragon 600 and above. This left out a large number of players of processors in the range of Snapdragon 400 and around, or Mediatek processors.

Though the game has only been launched in a few countries including Indonesia and other. Soon will be available to the other countries too.

Features Newer PUBG Mobile Lite

Smaller Map Size: Tencent reduced the map size to an only 2×2 grid in order to kill the lag for the low-end mobiles. This could avoid heavy rendering workload on the processor and could be run with an enjoyable experience.

Less Players Per Match: The another tweak they have done is to reduce the player count to only 40 players. This could make the game faster in finding players and could give a fast and cleaner experience.

Weapons: They have reduced the number of the weapon in order to reduce the clustering making the reduction on the workloads. Plus they have reduced the number of gun carrying slot to only 2 rather than 3.

Graphics: The major thing for making it work on the low-end devices is to reduce the graphics optimal to support the lower processor. On the PUBG Mobile player can choose the range of graphics setting between Smooth, Balance, HD, HDR and Ultra HDR. Whereas in the PUBG Mobile Lite, the player is only intended to play between smooth and balanced. This ensures the game to run smoother and lag free.

Game size: The original game size of the PUBG Mobile is currently floating around 1.8GB for android and 2.2GB for iOS version. Though the game size for PUBG Lite is only 30Mb supporting the lower space game support.

The current version of the game is in the beta mode mean there is a lot of testing and tweaking going until the release for the official global users. The game will be supporting to the devices having RAM atleast 1GB and an Android version of 4.0.3 and above.

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