Ripple (XRP) Beats Ethereum (ETH); Sitting on 2nd in Cryptocurrency Market

ripple 2nd on cryptocurrency

Exciting news for the hodler of Ripple and believers. The coin is sitting on the 2nd position beating ethereum market cap.

This was the 2nd time ripple gaining 2nd position — the first time was: Ripple Surge More Than Expected Became 2nd Largest Cryptocurrency

The coin stated rolling to surge 2 days back when it started gaining momentum and within no time it boomed from 0.2$ and currently floating around 0.6$

Within no time the market surge gaining eyes on ripple. Ripple gained 3 times and volume over.

From yesterday the trade on kept on momentum, giving pump of 68% to ripple making the volume sky too.

The potential raise the trade volume of ripple to be $2,652,245,024 USD (24h) with that of Ethereum $2,334,658,560 USD.

While believers tweeted 


Trade view of the ripple 

Now there is a race b/w the ripple and the ethereum, though it was believed that ripple will stay on 2nd position for a limited period before ETH takes its spot back.

But the non-stopping surge maybe the bull run sign to the cryptocurrency market and it will raise the potential by the end of the year.

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Prashant Gupta

Prashant Gupta

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