Qtum Highlights in Consensus 2018 Discloses Platform Expansion (QTUM Update)

Qtum consensus

Qtum is one amongst the first proof-of-stake consensus-based models. The founder at the consensus event announced the upcoming models of x86 VMs(Virtual Machine), the event was held in New York on 14th of may.

“Qtum, the first successful Proof-of-Stake blockchain, is a big step closer to mass adoption after striking a deal that will allow people to use QTUM tokens to pay for goods in shops across the world.”- Qtum official

The event has given the milestone for the Qtum and the VMs are set to launch on May 23rd. According to the founders, Qtum will be able to expand in the blockchain mainstream.

Foundation stated that-

“The Qtum X86 Virtual Machine Launch event will be held on May 23rd in Seoul, Korea. This launching indicates Qtum will enter the next era of Blockchain development, and is a milestone of the Blockchain ecosystem.”- Qtum Foundation.

Whats Special about the Qtum Virtual Machines-

The typical ethereum VMs are restricted to ony the build in language, ‘Solidity’. White the Qtum x86 VM supports the mainstream with the languages including Java, Rust, C, C++ and set to hit up for Python and Go very soon.

With the entry of these languages, it actually lowers the threshold for easy development, and now allow more number of developers can join and allows DApp development with the knowledge in rust or C.

Qtum Price pump on 14th May 2018

Early the day the price for Qtum was around $16 against USD. With the announcement, the coin grows around +5% from the last 24h and landed around 17USD. Market Cap of Qtum holds around $1.5B, which is a huge deal.

The event could bring a positive sentiment to this coin and could be considered to be worth investing in.

What makes Qtum Worth investing in?

Qtum as mention is the first Proof-of-stake crypt living in the blockchain. The company is China-based platform and hold the protocol which has the Smart contacts thing just like Ethereum contracts functionality.

Despite all this, Qtum’s platform including the developers has provided one of the highest ides in crypto this year.

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The full launch and support Qtum X86 VMs will substantially grow and expected to go mainframe in the mids of this year. 

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