PUBG Mobile New Update v0.8 with New Map & Vehicles Going to Live Soon

  • Pubg Update will be going to live on 11th September 2018
  • Update going to bring New Sanhok map, Weapons and Vehicles

Pubg recently reported that their servers going for the maintenance from 12 pm till 8 AM IST on the date 11th September 2018.

The Update will bring about the bugs fix and the enhancements in the UI with wider mobiles platform support.

The New Map

Tencent has reported that the new update will be given with the new map for the player to play on. The map is inspired from the original version of the PUBG PC.

Map name is called Sanhok and it’s generally a forest map with 4×4 grid size was previously known for Savage map.

sanhok map pubg

The new map is interestingly smaller than the previous maps Erangel and Miramar. Those maps are 8km by 8km with the new one is only 4km by 4km.

Player count per map remains the same as 100 — but will bring about more exciting game experience with a smaller map.

New Vehicle

Pubg mobile about the bring the new vehicles to the game for the users. The recent update on the twitter shows the image of the new vehicle in the light blue colour with stylish looks.

New Weapons

This one is one of my favourites, PUBG Mobile have also announced of the new weapon update with the new version release.

One of them is Flare Gun — Which allows the player to shoot up in the sky giving the signal to their nearby friends or enemy of their presence.

QBZ assault rife is another new weapon coming live in the pubg mobile with the new update.

QBZ gun pubg mobile

This video shows the gameplay of the new weapons update in the latest pubg mobile 😀 



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