Opera Introduced New In-build Cryptocurrency Wallet

Opera cryptocurrency wallet

Opera browser recently added the new features in its newly updated mobile app version. Adding Cryptocurrency wallet is one of the newly introduced in its Browser. The Company announced the update of the crypto wallet at today’s blockchain event in London. The testing version was first announced in July and seems to be attracted towards the crypto thing.

The Crypto Wallet is what introduced to its Android mobile version recently and not on iOS currently. The update on the play store mentions,

“Opera is the first major browser with a built-in crypto wallet which enables easy and seamless access to Web 3 content and apps. It does not need any extension or additional app. You can pay for shopping online directly with cryptocurrencies from your crypto wallet or make fast and secure wallet-to wallet money transaction.”

The browser itself titled as “Opera Browser: Fast and Secure,” which truly imply to the uptrend of the crypto and adding crypto wallet into their browsing system will likely to attract additional users and will give free public leverage.


The crypto wallet currently supporting Ethereum and its ERC tokens. Though likely to add more crypto support in the browser wallet. Ethereum was one of the popular blockchain supporting ERC based token and smart contracts, hence an obvious reason to be selected as a first choice.

The update also mentioned that no other extension or add-ons needed to be installed in order to use the crypto wallet, which in case of firefox browser support the metamask but need to be installed as an addon.

User can use the wallet by first downloading Opera from playstore and then transfer ethereum or supporting ECR Tokens.

Visit Opera’s Newly added Dapp Store

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