Mt. Gox Bitcoin Sells History And Case Analytics


Since the bitcoin hits the highest of $19,800 in the December 2017, there is a lot of controversy going since. Bitcoin was observed to pulls down to $6000 in the mid of February.

Observing the total market cap for the cryptocurrency was on the $830B market value and was pulls back to $300B only with more than 60% dropped.

cryptocurrency drops
source:coinmarketcap showing total cryptocurrency market cap soaring since december

The main causes of the bitcoin price crash:

  • Gox selling
  • Roger selling
  • China kicking out miners
  • ICOs Frauds
  • Korea bans foreign traders
  • Coincheck scrounging up $500m
  • Year-end tax, marks, rebalancing, correction

The Mt. Gox Case

During past few weeks and months, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency shown drop in the market cap including price itself. There are many reasons for this outcome one of them including sells of Mt. Gox report from these couple of months.

Since last December, in which Bitcoin price surge around $19,800 and around in February the price soars to $6,000.

Case against the Mt. Gox 


The Selling fo Mt. Gox trustees are mentioned below:

source: twitter

With Detail; Bitcoin Sellings (Source Reddit)

  • 18-Dec-2017 03:28 2beb7a87…: 2000 BTC -> 1MLGpEQfzd44vPuiihuazPL9tW7qzew1J5
  • 22-Dec-2017 03:18 7310efd9…: 6000 BTC -> 1MLGpEQfzd44vPuiihuazPL9tW7qzew1J5
  • 17-Jan-2018 03:28 55454a47…: 8000 BTC -> 1MLGpEQfzd44vPuiihuazPL9tW7qzew1J5
  • 31-Jan-2018 02:57 3bb69b7b…: 6000 BTC -> 14LuAvrRzAmeikgaafs7H5695xs5dVXqA5
  • 5-Feb-2018 06:31 571413cf…: 6000 BTC -> 14LuAvrRzAmeikgaafs7H5695xs5dVXqA5
  • 5-Feb-2018 06:31 d833bd0e…: 6000 BTC -> 14LuAvrRzAmeikgaafs7H5695xs5dVXqA5
  • 2-Feb-2018 06:31 fa824de4…: 6000 BTC -> 14LuAvrRzAmeikgaafs7H5695xs5dVXqA5


Total of 16,000 BTC

Total of 24,000 BTC


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