This Is How Microsoft Acquiring Github Can Affect Cryptocurrency

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Microsoft acquires GitHub on Monday, June 4, 2018, for valued at $7.5 billion which the value of GitHub was $2 billion in its last funding round in the year 2015.

GitHub which is world’s number one software development platforms where developers work and it has more than 28 million developers who learn, share and collaborate to create the future. Including most of them including the crypto Dapps developers.

With the help of GitHub and Microsoft together will empower developers to achieve more at every stage of development and which will accelerate enterprise use of GitHub, and will bring Microsoft’s developer tools and services to a new level of the audience? Might be beneficial for the crypto developer community.

The acquisition was done with the hefty $7.5 billion price and with the million number of developers who have used the site and have some feelings about it. While the current CEO Chris Wanstrath will be retained as a “technical fellow”, also the reporting to the Guthrie, and the Microsoft had become a significant user of GitHub, using it open sources host projects and as well development tools such as Chakra Core, PowerShell, and many more projects. Microsoft acquires GitHub because it is a fit for its own dream and ambitions to go perfect to its platforms for each and every developer, and to satisfy their needs, no matter the size of the platform that the developers have.

While all this happening in front, the developer community not only those linked with blockchain but also other source got into worried as they were relying on the platform to be as an individual, rather than being part of huge firm.

While whoever don’t know GitHub is a web-based hosting services provider for version control by using Git. Which is mostly used for computer code. GitHub offers its distributed version control and (SCM) source code management which is done by Git as well as adding its own features in it. It also provides many access control and several collaboration features to its developers which are as bug tracking, feature request, and wikis for every single project. GitHub was found on 8 February 2008, which is 10 years ago as (Logical Awesome LLC)

What going to happen to GitHub:

While in other words, Microsoft is not just paying $7.5 billion for GitHub but for its ability to make money which it’s financial value. It’s paying for to get the access to the legions of developers who will use GitHub’s code repository products on a daily basis which will (company’s strategic value) so they can be guided into Microsoft developer environment where the real money will be made. Let’s look out some of the well-known examples of strategic value. While in the year 2006 Google acquired YouTube for $1.6 billion, which the Youtube’s business was face to unprofitable, and the liability issue faced by illegal video post and it seemed to virtually limitless.

An example is Sun Microsystems’ which is billion dollar acquisition of MySQL in the year 2007. The main product of MySQL was a free, open-source database that was extremely easy to use and provided for just about every single website in existence. The company’s revenue was so minimum, and its overall business was to the best level and yet the company had multiple suitors willing to pay a large amount of money to acquire it.

While the Microsoft acquisition of GitHub is a major news, it is another in the long line of illustrations of a basic truth about the primary value of most successful high-tech startups. Namely, building a self-sustaining business is the exception, not the rule.

Whatever it is the main question is arise in all of the minds that why Microsoft is willing to pay so much for GitHub. This article is about Merges and acquisitions.

The CryptoMarket

Since after the acquisition of the GitHub by Microsoft, many blockchain developers are worried about their private code of the blockchain will going to be handled to the Microsoft.

Though many believe that this is just for the entry of Microsoft in the crypto world, though it will boom the market at some point.


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