What Makes IOTA (MIOTA) Worth Investing

The blockchain is now everywhere, 2018 is going to be the year of blocks DAGs

IOTA uses a distributed ledger similar to the bitcoin, but it solves a lot of the issues and works on a different principle.

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Problem with blockchain

Scalability issue; transaction on bitcoin network takes a lot of time which is now improving as the block size increasing with the Segwit applications takes place.

check out bitcoin confirm transactions: https://blockchain.info/unconfirmed-transactions

Fees; blockchain transaction is very expensive and eventually takes time to complete. For faster transaction, you need to pay more. Making micropayment with bitcoin is absurd.

Difficulty increasing continuously; with all the miner on the blockchain network and upcoming miners making it harder and harder to mine a single block and required more energy to solve it.

Vulnerable to the Future Quantum Computers; With the introduction of quantum computer make it worst for the blockchain network, a hacker with that much of the power can break the network apart.

What makes IOTA Awesome?

IOTA doesn’t work on the blockchain instead, it works on the technology so-called tangle which is connected dots and line as it drawn on paper, based on the other mathematical concept called directed acyclic graph which makes the transaction speed dependent to the number of the transaction sent, raising the p2p transactions conveniently. This concept divides the IOTA from other cryptocurrencies.

  • IOTA uses a tagle network with the acyclic network, making it more liquefied for the transaction.
  • No transaction fee required.
  • The transaction will become faster and faster with the scalability of the IOTA network.(more the people uses the network the faster it become).
  • No miner is required for the network.
  • Mirco transaction made possible.
  • Transactions are much faster.

Learn more about IOTA

Check out IOTA Twitter

With the technology and features, I strongly believe in the IOTA Technology and consider it to be worth investing.

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