iOS 12.2 Features AirPod 2 Support, ScreenTime Scheduling and Revealed new iPad & iPod

iOS 12.2

The iOS 12.2 is currently on the beta launch and is pushing to the apple users substantially. With major updates and minor tweaks, Apple finally pushes up with the new version of their software.

The new iOS Beta is currently pushing to the developers where they can prerequisite test the functionally of the various app and then the report will be collected by the apple for the bugs and fix before releasing the actual update globally.

The iOS 12.2 will be supported by both iPhones and iPads.

Apple also eventually gave glimpses of the 2019 Apple iPad Models and return of the iPod touch reportedly from the iOS 12.2 version.

In theory, iOS 12.2 references four new iPads in WiFi & Cellular variants (perhaps mini, and 9.7″?), all without Face ID, and a (seventh-gen?) iPod touch with no Touch ID nor Face ID

— Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) January 25, 2019


Updates on iOS 12.2

The wireless apple sound system a.k.a AirPods have now more support from Siri. Now you can say ‘Hey Siri’ and the AirPod will listen up to it.

Screen Time, introduced in the previous update of iOS have now got major updates. The new points to customize downtime scheduling will allow users to set limits to the App usage for themselves and kids. The Screen Time also shows the amount of time you’ve spent on that app each day.

Some glimpse also referring to the new introduction of the PWA in the new iOS 12.2. PWA stands for Progressive Web App which is trending cross-platform app which is now getting more exposure. In the coming future, we can see apple to focus more on the PWA support for catching more developers and app support.

Few more updates we can see in the coming version

  • We can see improvement in the Apple News and support for Canada.
  • Apple News Magazines to have subscription offering for the users.
  • Addition to the HomeKit TV support.
  • Control center TV Remote feature redesigned.
  • Few tweaks to the Wallet app with ‘Add Money’ button for App Pay Cash.
  • Bug fixed and improvement from the previous generation update.

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