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From the past month, cryptocurrency including litecoin itself are on dip little flat. Bitcoin was floating around $9,700, while litecoin holds around $200.The lack of momentum taking down the other assets including the litecoin and other altcoins. Since the release of the litecoin cash, it is observed a pump in litecoin price.

The litePay website is quoted as: 

Load dollars using any Litecoin wallet, spend anywhere


Today is the day for litePay to roll in front and to introduce itself in cryptoshere. This is quite obvious that we will be going to see a surge in litecoin soon with the release.

Litecoin’s February breakout might have had a lot to do with the announcement that LitePay, a Litecoin payment system will become available in 41 countries from Monday, February 26.

While litePay is introduction a way of payment solution is also encouraging the use of litecoin in the first place.

LitePay is just like bitpay, but here you are using litecoin instead of bitcoins. The service allows business and merchants to send or accept payments in the crypto asset for the exchange of service and product.

LitePay is loaded with the wallet system and the litePay card onto which you can adapt the service to pay the litecoin faster, linked with the technology of blockchain enrich the fast payment solution with low transaction fee.


Litecoin price spiked high as $250 this Tuesday but was further dip to around $200 back. The current price for litecoin hold around $230 with the increase of 7.70% in 24h, the market cap also increased from $11B to $12B within 24h.


Featuring LitePay

Accept Litecoin payments for your business

litePay offers a payment solution for merchants, business to easily and fast pay money from one to one with much less transaction fee comparative to bitcoin.

LitePay also offers direct back settlement for the payments received much fast, reliable and with less risk.

How LitePay Card Works


Litecoin Founder Prediction

Charlie Lee yesterday tweeted about how he is so sure about his litecoin that by the end of the year it will going to beat bitcoin cash.

Since the Segwit implies to both bitcoin and litecoin lowers the demand for bitcoin cash, further with all the gear up features from litecoin make him believes that.

Visit official litePay website

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