Indian Exchange Zebpay Introduced TrueUSD (TUSD) With Zero Withdrawal Fee

zebpay trueusd

Recently, the Indian cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay has announced the introduction of TrueUSD to its platform.

Though they have introduced TrueUSD with zero withdrawal fee, it is only valid till 31 Aug 2018 and after that, some minimal fee will be appointed at the withdrawal.

The TrueUSD or TUSD is a stable coin like tether and has the value equivalent to the dollar. These stable coin can be used to trade crypto more conveniently with less hassle.

What is Stable Coin?

These are the coins which hold a stable value, unlike bitcoin which is volatile and works on the trading volume and demand supply. These stable coins have fixed value no matter how much they are using and or what demand supply it has.

What is TrueUSD?
TrueUSD is an alternative to traditional currency methods. It bridges the gap between real-world assets and blockchain technology. TUSD eases and enables the mainstream adoption of digital currencies.

trueusd website states, 
TrueUSD is the first stablecoin built
on the TrustToken platform


Key features of TUSD Token:

  • TUSD runs on a scrutinized and monitored escrow accounts. All transactions are legit and secure, enabling you to trade with confidence.
  • You can redeem the value of 1 TUSD for 1 USD.
  • TUSD has several partnerships with various trust firms. These accounts hold the funds backing TrueUSD tokens.

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