Indian Ecommerce: Flipkart and Verge(XVG) partnership- Fake or True ?

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Now, there is a new hype in the crypto market due to the verge. Verge has risen exponentially in few days in the light of its upcoming partnership on 17th April. Coincidentally, the Indian e-commerce giant has made a sensational tweet that has led many to believe that they are Verge’s ‘big partnership.’

What is Flipkart?

Those who already know its pretty good. But those who don’t know, Flipkart is one of the largest Indian e-commerce company. It is the major competitor of Amazon India. They have over 100 million registered users and over $3.1 billion revenue per year. Flipkart offers millions of products online for its consumers at attractive offers.

What is Verge?

Verge is a privacy coin. It has anonymous characteristics. It is also ranked among one of the top 20 coins in the coinmarketcap.

As soon as the Verge developer, Justin Vendetta announced that Verge does a partnership with a very large company the price of the coin unexpectedly skyrocketed from around 3.8 cents to over 9 cents. Now it’s just 2 days left until the big announcement, people are dying to know who Verge’s mysterious partnership is with.


Flipkart – Verge’s partner?

Now the first thing coming to your mind is that how Flipkart is associated with Verge and how the rumour of there partnership gone viral. With thousands of western companies in the race how an Asian company can do a partnership with Verge.

Let us explain what happened-

Flipkart announced to its customers that it is doing a very big partnership on April 17.He said that the partnership is so big that even “Bitcoin” feels small. And on the same day Verge is also said to announce a big partnership.That’s why people speculated their partnership.

As of now, neither Flipkart nor Verge has confirmed their mutual partnership. It is a blind guess.

In a recently posted tweet,
Flipkart mentions a partnership “so BIG in value, Bitcoin feels insecure!

Furthermore, Walmart is expected to acquire a majority stake in the company very soon, for between $10 to $12 billion. Industry leader Amazon is also allegedly interested, as both companies are keen on grabbing the India market.

Flipkart’s Prank:

There is also speculation that instead of doing a partnership with Verge or Walmart, it may be just a release of a new phone on April 17. In that case, Flipkart trolled us and also it will make our April fool on 17 April. Only time will tell us what is gonna happen.

Techllog View:

No one knows and no one can predict what will happen in this crypto market as it totally unpredictable. So for the best of our knowledge, Flipkart and Verge partnership is not gonna happen.

Because –

1. R.B.I. recently asked all banks to stop dealing with any cryptocurrency so how they can allow Flipkart the same.

2. Flipkart’s any developer or core team member is not following team Verge on Twitter as we are following Verge developers personally.

At last, it is yet another disappointment for the Verge fam? That will remain to be seen on April 17.Let’s wait and watch what surprise Flipkart and Verge have for us.

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