Important Dates For Fork/Migrations Of Tokens in Month June & July

If you been following up cryptocurrency from the last couple of months you might know that there are a lot of news going around. All these forks and migrations and swaps of the token. Token including Tron migrating from the ethereum blockchain to it own mainnet launch.

Why these Migrations matters?

Well, there is a couple of the good reason that it will be going to bring about.

  • These migration focuses on the scalability and enhancing the working of the platform.
  • and Dapp supportive for the future of the blockchain.
  • Make it easier to use the tokens eventually make us understand more about how blockchain works and its advantages.

Here are the list of the Migration and Forks schedule for the month June / July


  • Type: Coin Swap
  • Date: June 4th

The swap will be conducted on 4th of June check out the Website for the white paper


  • Type: Hard Fork/ Development cycle
  • Date: 7th June 


  • Type: Hard Fork
  • Date: 12th June 


  • Type: Hard Fork
  • Date: 14th June 

First Fork is scheduled for block 500,00: The fork enables the Poc2 – Dynamic Fees 


  • Type: Merger Swap
  • Date: 15th June will publish, by 15th june, an Address that will automatically convert QAU tokens received for DTR tokens. 


  • Type: Hard Fork
  • Date: 21th June 

Fork will change some of the Digibyte mining algorithms to maintain GPU friendly. 


  • Type: Token Migration
  • Date: 21th June 

The migration of Tron from ERC20 to TRX(Tronx), holder are advised to move there token to migration supportive exchange before the migrations happens.

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  • Type: Swap sprouts to Auxilium
  • Date: 21th June

The fist day of summer will be the day that $sprts holder can swap tp #auxilium.


  • Type: Hard Fork
  • Date: 26th June

Zencash will hard fork to fight ASICS and the centralisation of Zen mining.


  • Type: Hard Fork
  • Date: 27th June 

Mooncoin will be hard-forking to a new codebase at block 1,250,000.


  • Type: Masternodes & Hard Fork
  • Date: 30th June 

THC will hard fork in Q2. The new hard fork in Q2. The new THC token will be an anonymous coin and feature masternode capabilities 


  • Type: Swap from DIVX to DIVI 
  • Date: 30th June 

DIVX token swap to DIVI once the DIVI blockchain is released in early Q2.


  • Type: Mainnet swap, PoW Support
  • Date: 20th June 

Complete Mainnet Swap, PoW support and optimiztion

Ethereum Classic

  • Type: Hard Fork
  • Date: 13th June 

fork will happen at the block height 610000. Each ETC holder receives ETE in the ratio of 1:1 for free.

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