Apple Desist Fornite’s Gifting Feature While Live on Other Platforms

fortnite gifts

  • Gamers can send gift item to their friends; with new Fortnite’s 6.31 Update
  • The gifting feature is currently live for Xbox One, Android, PS4, PC, Switch but currently not for iOS.
  • iOS user cannot use this feature right now due to some strange Apple’s gifting policies.

Epic Games has recently announced the newer update for its immoral Battle Royal game “Fortnite“. The update has introduced with the new gifting feature where users can send a gift to other players or to their friends.

The new update is now available across different platform and users can download the latest version.

The new gifting feature only works currently on PS4, Xbox One, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC and not on iOS devices.

How to Use Fortnite’s Gifting feature?

Before you use this feature within the game, you need to enable the Multi-factor option and you need to be a friend with that person for at least 48 hrs prior, in order to send the gift. Also, the purchased gifts are non-refundable.

  • You can use the new gifting feature by going to the Item Shop and choose an item to purchase. You will now see an additional option Buy As a Gift along with Purchase Item.
  • You can gift any item to a friend by selecting the Buy As a Gift option and then you will able to choose which friend you want to gift to. Alone with you can add a custom message if you would like.
  • Once you have done with that your friend will able to see the received Gift Box with the item inside it.


Also, note that you can only send 3 gifts items in 24 hour period. And if you’re not interested in receiving any gift, you can disable receiving them in the Account Settings section in the game itself. Well, who doesn’t like free gift :P, but still…


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