Facebook Lift Off Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads

Facebook liftoff ban on crypto

Facebook will now allow crypto advertisement as a growing opportunity for their platform.

Recently, Facebook announced that they are reversing back the ban on the cryptocurrency advertisements and relevant content. As the ban is lifted, still only allows for some preapproval advertisements to promote on the platform.

Facebook banned the crypto ads back in the month of January—when the crypto is at boom!. The ban of the services is just for the noticeable spoiling the community of Facebook, as several ICOs promoting their business.

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The community can into action when several people reported these Ads of being scam ICOs promotion and asking for money on the platform. Facebook along with Google and other big firm look after these report and desired to disapprove any further advertisement request and ban the existing ads too.

Now only advertisers that are approved by the Facebook through an application process can only promote their services. Although ads relevant to ICOs and binary options are still banned and not to be entertained on the platform.

The potential towards crypto have grown massive over this period and an uplifting ban on crypto advertisements could be a beneficial choice for the facebook. The community of crypto believers are becoming more and more aware towards the fake ICOs and offering— therefore the effectiveness of these ads is decreasing exponentially.

Later, Facebook launched this own internal blockchain, earlier this year to explore the technology for any good — and might come up with new things towards there service.

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Prashant Gupta

Prashant Gupta

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