Ethereum Is Back Again As 2nd Cryptocurrency with $130B MarketCap

Ethereum on a few days back surges back to its 2nd position, beating ripple market cap which observed to deflates down.

Ethereum is currently on the market cap of $130B holding 5.6% of the cryptomarket. With the current price of $1350. 

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Ethereum still considers as the best cryptocurrency as of its stability and for those who thinks bitcoin is bit expensive now. Some folks believe that ethereum have the capability to beat bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum is already a building block for many of the token ICOs running and powering their backbones.

Ethereum is considered as a fast and reliable transaction source and considers to be better than bitcoin when it comes to money transfer and mining.

The one of the most reliable Ethereum Wallet name ‘Myetherwallet’ was said to be hacked and functionality issues, but that all are humour and the wallet is running well without any hacks.

There are many phishing sites of the ‘Myetherwallet’, so its a reminder for those who using this wallet to be aware.

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A few days back I’ve stated with mining electroneum and getting very positive profit returns. Check out the article including tutorial with my mining profit screenshot Get Started Mining Electroneum With GPU/CPU And Mobile

*screenshots from coinmarketcap

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