Cardano(ADA) Major Announcement Revealing Chrome Extension ‘Icarus’

Cardano to launch chrome extension wallet

Cardano the top 9th cryptocurrency in the cryptoshere just revealed something helping to manage and pay cardano more efficient and easier.

The cryptocurrency, cardano hold around 2B$ Market cap  — which was around 30B$ in the earlier January.

On 14th August, Charles Hoskinson announced on the youtube regarding this announcement.

The announcement was somewhat revealing partially about their upcoming project referring to this Chome Extension named to be “Icarus”.

He mentioned, ” So we never intended to launch a product but rather build something that we’re going to give to our partners to launch and try to encourage the development of a third-party application ecosystem and that is called Icarus.”

The Chrome Extension Supporting ADA, Icarus

The extension is built upon the latest web framework so it can be easily be ported to Mozilla Firefox and other mobile support later on.

It was also mentioned that the wallet acts much like a light wallet since it does require one to download the entire blockchain to be used.

Icarus will be the second wallet of ADA after Daedalus, which was the first. Installing Icarus will be as simple as clicking a button and installing like an app. The users can import their wallet from previous Daelus wallet into Icarus.

Featuring New ADA Wallet Icrus:

  • Easy to import from the previous wallet.
  • Better security and better-looking UI.
  • One-click install chrome extension.
  • No need to download entire blockchain.

After the major success of the proven existence of Metamask supporting the ethereum wallet system with major security and easy to use UI — major firms including Tron announced their own TronWallet Extension for Chrome Extension.

For metamask users, Meet The New Version Of MetaMask Wallet.

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