Blockchain Wallet to Giveaway $125m Worth of Free XLM as Airdrop

One one the oldest and most promising bitcoin wallet Blockchain announced their users for the biggest airdrop giveaway. wallet recently added XLM wallet support on the platform making it more converging for grabbing users base with their promising service.

Blockchain added stellar (xlm) wallet support

Blockchain now distributing over $125M XLM coins, mentioning that, “users to build on the crypto revolution”. This could be one of the greatest giveaway airdrop amounts in the crypto sphere till now.

Users can participate in the free airdrop with a waitlist, steps are mention below.

What is Airdrop?

Airdrops, on the other hand, provide a free and transparent way for anyone with an internet connection and a computing device to obtain crypto-assets at no cost. (source: internet)

The main agenda for the airdrop is to give away the amount to those who haven’t used crypto yet, encouraging the use of cryptocurrency and raising the adoption.

XLM airdrop

How to Join the Waitlist?

You can claim free XLM by joining the waiting list for the airdrop. Just follow the steps and you are good for the airdrop.

Step 1 — Goto

Step 2 — Fill your email address and click “Join Waitlist“.

If you got lucky and get the chance to win the airdrop then you will be informed through your email.

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