Bitcoin Surged 1000$ In Single Day Landed on 19k$

on 16th December 2017, bitcoin price was floating around 17800$ and surge upto 18800$ within 6 hrs, showing the volatility of the bitcoin in the upcoming year.

@bitcoinwisdom showing highest rates on 16 December 2017

With the current market cap of 315B$ and price for 18.8K USD, bitcoin soon going to touch 19k$.

The prediction shows bitcoin could achieve upto 60,000$ in the next upcoming year mids.

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Prashant Gupta

Prashant Gupta

Hey Forks! It's me Prashant, I am a college student pursuing Computer Science degree. I am a Crypto Enthusiast and Tech Geek — ♥ Love to learn and Code and I am here to empower peoples towards Technology and cryptocurrency.

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