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Bitcoin Made To $19K Surge Still Continues $20K Soon

Bitcoin Made To $19K Surge Still Continues $20K Soon

Bitcoin Price Surging


Growing demand still continuous pull the price even further, Bitcoin finally crossed  $19k and the mountain is still to go. Next stop for bitcoin will be going to be $20K which going to achieve very soon as per the market exchange and volatility rates shows.

Bitcoin rates landed on highest 19,260$ increasing 8.46% in 24h.

Is Bitcoin Still Bubble?

Many folks believe the huge Bitcoin price surging within short span is just a hoe and going to hit back like a popping bubble. The bitcoin bubble thinks still continues for several weeks since last month, haven’t seen any major dips in the bitcoin price but only hitting to the all-time high.

If its really going to pop, we must be prepared and stand alone to face the consequences, but still, no one can predict the future so do for bitcoin price, the price could possibly jump to 30K or even dip to under 10k.

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