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Bitcoin Crossed $7000 Checkpoint After So long [Bitcoin Chat & Price Update]

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Bitcoin Crossed $7000 Checkpoint After So long [Bitcoin Chat & Price Update]

Recently Bitcoin showed a sudden spike in the price in a matter of time. Within over 40 minutes the price surge over 7400$ — gained over 10% jump in short span.

bitcoin price surge

Not only Bitcoin but including ethereum flew over 500$, Ripple over 0.5$ and other coins too. Check out @ coinmarketcap.

The total market cap of the crypto asset surge to $293B, which was similar to the beginning of June.

The reason behind the surge is still not clear. Bitcoin has shown these types of movement in the past too. In overpass time, this might be the bull back in the town action.

In the recent pasting week, Bitcoin has shown the positivity of regulating over U.S S.E.C, proving not to be a security. On top of it, Coinbase and blockchain are continuously is exploring and improving the network by creating a tailored service for high net worth money managers.

Top Market trader of Bitcoin

It was the mid-November 2017 when the cryptocurrency including bitcoin started heating up till it blew like a bubble. But many believe that the bull will come back and the price of cryptocurrency including bitcoin will raise.


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