Bitcoin Coming Back! Surging Continuous $16,500

Bitcoin after the pre-Christmas dips is now coming back to show the surge before the end of the year. Earlier on 27th December Bitcoin reached $16,500 the highest of last 3 days.

Bitcoin is finally landed on $16,000 with market cap of $270B

Bitcoin chart showing the highest of all time with the dip and surge again @bitcoinwisdom

Macfee words

McAfee wrote on twitter

He believes that bitcoin will end up to 1million by the end of the year 2020.

Bitcoin this year made the history of the surging to the highest and the observational dips by the end of the year. Though it seems to be recovering back and is expected to cross the $20,000 checkpoint by the end of the year.

Investing and holding for a long time might be very beneficial as the new year 2018 was expected to be more to come in this bitcoin thing.

2018 For Bitcoin

With the continuous surging of price making the blockchain difficult to work, the consequence of this is the high transaction fee. An average of $3-$5 was paid for each transaction to be done.

The upcoming year was expected for the more crypto solution with the hard forks and increasing of the block size for better stability of bitcoin and other upcoming altcoins.

The goal is for the low transaction fee below $1 is preferential.

Top Market Holders for Bitcoin


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Prashant Gupta

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