Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Can Go Boom; Bull Run Before 15th November

Bitcoin cash was announced to go for the hard fork on 15th November, along with the updates and chain slipt process going to happen. Bulls are already riding into the market carrying the weight of billion-dollar entry points just after the announcements of bitcoin cash hard fork.

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Bitcoin cash, which was floating around 400-450 USD in past month now seen to break the resistance for the bullish entry. While BCH’s continues surge can be seen as the breakdown fork day come closer by.

Since after the announcement by Coinbase and binance for supporting of bitcoin cash fork, coin gained 22% since last month, introducing new volumes and bring back old traders for the green line free profit rides.

OKEx holding the highest trade volume of BCH of around $147 M in the last 24h, followed by Binance of around $115 M and Bitforex of around $111 M.

2-month chart for BCH; showing surge after the fork announcement

Day traders made huge profit from the surge gaining almost 25% profit within no time. Binance introduces the new volume in bitcoin cash.

While exchange and wallet announcement

poloniex supporting Bitcoin cash hard fork binance supporting Bitcoin cash hard fork kucoin supporting Bitcoin cash hard fork ledger wallet supporting Bitcoin cash hard fork

OKEx supporting Bitcoin cash hard fork

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