Bitcoin and Altcoin Market Analytics for January 2018

Bitcoin and Altcoin Market Analytics for January 2018


We could see that the beginning of cryptocurrency in this year 2018 did not seem well performed, though traders and the investors believe that bitcoin and the other coins will surge to highest by the end of the year 2018 making a new record.

It was seen the people are really holding their assets even the price falls down to $10k for the bitcoin as they believe the positive outcoming of the coins.

This might be considered as the positive decision to buy and invest in the cryptocurrency and hold them until the end of the year.

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People calling this month are the dark wind crypto month where there is not much going within cryptoshere and seems to show constant price band overpass few weeks.

While ICOs introducing ensuring people to give the positive returns on their investments working within crypto, many lending and other scams are coming every day, you should consider well before investing in it.

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While at coinmarketcap

Dips and surge still continues, seems to be stable between $10K-$14k for bitcoin.

The current rate for bitcoin is $11.5K with the market cap of around $193B.

Ripple dipped this month from highest of $3.5 to $1.2, could be a positive thing to invest in right now.


Mining Cryptocurrency

This could be really good decision right now to invest and setup mining machine to get started with mining Ethereum, electroneum, zcash, monero, siacoin etc.

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Bitcoin Highest and Lowest This Month

Bitcoin highest and lowest in january 2018

For bitcoin, the highest price this month was observed to be $17.2K on 7th of January 2018 and lowest of $9.2K on 17th January 2018

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