Binance Added Ripple(XRP)/USDT Trading Pair

Binance Ripple USDT

Binance, one of the leading and biggest cryptocurrency exchange finally announced on 4th may the news of Ripple(XRP)/USDT trading pair.

Before this, XRP was paired with bitcoin, and few altcoins including there own BNB(Binance coin).

The website mentioned:

XRP/USDT trading pair is now available on Binance.

Just after the announcement, the price of Ripple Jumped over 7%.

A few days earlier Indian Cryptocurrency exchange Koniex announced over 8 XRP Paris with different altcoins and its expected that more pairs will be coming soon on the binance too.

Spotlight on Ripple

Ripple is a token or what called an asset which provides RTGS(Real-time gross settlement) and was introduced in 2012. It’s built upon a distributed open source internet protocol, consensus ledger and native cryptocurrency abbreviated as XRP (ripples).

Ripple holds about $34B market cap(Currently) and is amongst the leading token which is also follow up by the bank to settle the payments across the globe.

Spotlight on USDT

Tether which is also known for USDT is a token issued for 1 dollar each. The interesting thing about USDT is its price always remains around 1$. The tether was issued on the Bitcoin blockchain through the Omni Layer Protocol.

Tether Hold around $2B of the Market cap and ranked 16th in the crypto list based upon its market value.

With this add up of Ripple and Usd Tether will make trading more convenient.

Trading Fees:

  • The fee is same, which is 0.1% of your trading.
  • Deposit Fee is free.
  • Minimum withdraws threshold is of 22XRP with a trading fee of 0.25XRP.

Read the official document of XRP/USDT Announcement

Read Binance Trading Rules

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