Apple iPhone to Introduce Cryptocurrency Wallet in iOS 13 Update

iPhone cryptocurrency wallet

With the increased attention towards cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Apple has just announced the new feature which will allow developers to operate cryptographic operations. Apple named it as “Cryptokit” and will be following up with the new iOS13 Updates in iPhone.

The Updates are released on 5th June at the WWDC Worldwide Developers Conference.

New CryptoKit in iOS 13

Apple also announced that the following CryptoKit will provide developers with frameworks to make the transaction intact with cryptography. This will allow the payments to be more secure and efficient. The operation will use hashing and key pairs enclose around the encryption, which is quite similar to that of the existing cryptocurrencies in the market.

The wallet will be having public and private keys which are the same as that of bitcoin, the private keys will be stored in the iPhone’s secure enclave, hence making the makes similar to that of the cold storage wallets in the market.

One of Apple’s members, Frederic Jacobs, who is cryptographic and security engineer, said the CryptoKit was an advance and efficient interface that will allow the users to perform cryptographic operations.

The Kit will be available in the Swift SDK and will be available to the developers in Xcode very soon.

He mentioned,

Well, such a feature of storing the private key in the device can surely be used to store other private keys allowing the iPhone to behave like a cold storage device. Existing cryptocurrency Developers can use the APIs and Dev kits to make feasible for the Bitcoin and Ethereum to store users private key to the device itself, making it a more secure option.

Founder of Trust Wallet, Viktor Radchenko mentioned,

Is Apple Following Samsung’s like Crypto Wallet Features to Gain Attention?

Samsung was the first who officially made the cryptocurrency wallet support in the new S10 devices. The massive adoption is not much far away since definitely big companies are working their head to get into this. Just like facebook stable coin news we could soon be listening to the Apple’s crypto thing officially for the bitcoin and altcoins.

Apple releasing Crytokit can be giving be the rumors of the actual support for the bitcoin and altcoin wallet support natively in the device itself in the future. Coincidently, Apple introduced 4 new bitcoin in-app symbols in the Apple’s San Francisco font.

Check out Apple’s Cryptokit Documentation


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