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American Express Is Officially Using Ripple’s Network xCurrent

American Express Is Officially Using Ripple’s Network xCurrent

American Express recently being revealed using ripple’s xCurrent technology integrated with blockchain unit.

Vice President of American Express, Colin O’Flaherty on Wednesday confirmed that the company is using the ripple’s network xCurrenct feature for the payment settlements.

The announcement was made on the last day of Money 20/20 event which was held in Amsterdam.

xCurrent is a blockchain based financial solution launched by the Ripple Inc which use to Process Payment with the blockchain integrations.

Instant and certain settlements are possible by the xCurrent and being supported by banks easily.

ripple's xcurrent for bank to bank money

With that Ripple offer point to point direct instantaneous conversation of the payment. Based on the ripple blockchain technology strengthening the potential vulnerability.

Last year in the month of November,  American Express approved the agreement with Ripple to use its technology to fertilize its own payment settlements enhancements — which offers cross-border payment and more liquid and fast conversations.

Ripple hold back its position holding $11B Market Cap with the current price of around $0.2. Analytics shows that the price will subtly grow within this year until it hits the 10$.

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